Men Hair Loss: Certain Myths and Facts To Know

by Sumukha Clinic Skin Care & Hair Clinics in Bangalore

Men, too born with a head full of hair, but when it starts falling, it seems like a never-ending episode leading to baldness.

Baldness now seems common to witness in men, and many believe certain myths relating to baldness. Here one should know the fact behind baldness. Still, you have any query then visit the best hair clinic in Bangalore for a doctor’s advice. Let’s check the myths and the facts.

Myth 1: Baldness derives from your mother

It is believed that baldness is congenital and hereditary flows from the maternal grandfather. If he is bald, then the grandson will also be bald. But the fact is not that. As per research, it has been revealed that the genetic factor of baldness depends on the androgen receptor. It is passed through the X chromosome that you get from your mother’s side. But, this is not the only reason for hereditary baldness. One can get bald from the father’s side too.

Myth 2: There is no treatment for baldness

Most of the men believe that once they started getting bald, there is no treatment to cure it. But this is partly true. With the help of advanced medicinal treatments, certain types of baldness can get cured. One can contact top professionals in the best hair clinic in Bangalore to get the best treatment.

Myth 3: Stress is responsible for baldness

People do believe that the acute reason for baldness is stress. Well, stress causes hair fall, but it is not responsible for male pattern baldness. Stress causes baldness called alopecia, which is short-term baldness. It is also curable with the help of advanced treatments.

Myth 4: Hair products are responsible for baldness

Men use different types of hair products, hair dye, etc to hide grey hair. So, many believed that these hair products cause permanent baldness. If you use these products too often, then these make the hair weaken and cause hair fall. But if you are suffering from male pattern baldness and want to leave using these products, then this will not help you out from this problem.

Myth 5: Use of hats cause baldness

People believe that the constant use of hats blocks the hair follicle to grow better. It reduces the growth of the hair and promotes baldness. However, this thought has not been proved scientifically. But, if the hat is too tight that can block the blood flow, then it can cause hair loss. Too much use of a cap or hat can be a reason for dandruff growth.

We share with you the popular myths about baldness in men. The list can go on long, but we restricted to these 5 only. In case you want to know more about the possible causes behind your baldness, then it's advisable to visit the best hair clinic in Bangalore. If you are looking for one of the trusted ones in the industry, then we will recommend the name of SUMUKHA CLINIC. Visit the experts today and share your problem of baldness with them.

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