Medical Astrology: The Best Way to Prevent Your Upcoming Diseases

by Taylor Smith Professional Blogger

Astrology is considered as a branch of science, which had its origin in the early days of the Aryan civilization when the rishis used it for predicting the upcoming future of the kings, even using the same for predicting their health. Medical astrology had its very origin during that time itself when the monks used to read the palms of the kings to forecast their upcoming health problems and taking appropriate remedies for preventing the same.  According to some famous or best astrologer in Kolkata, West Bengal, medical astrology is not a magic, in fact, it’s just a technique that connects the different body parts of a person along with their appropriate planets. (Information Credit:


There are many astrologers who don’t have enough idea of this concept in spite of the fact that this was one of the famous and the oldest fields in the study of astrology. Because of some improper knowledge of some astrologers in India, and that too followed by some unethical practices, peoples had lost their faith in astrology. But with the invention of the modern astrology which is followed by some best astrologers in Kolkata like Indraraj Priyam, astrology has got their proper rebirth and evolving through people’s eyes in a different manner. The modern astrological approach is followed by some best research techniques which include live data collection of patients in different hospitals by studying their palms and taking a note of their birth date and time. According to a recent survey conducted by some of the best astrologers in Kolkata, in different hospitals of the city like “BM Birla Heart Research Centre”, it’s been seen that 3130 patients suffering from heart attacks, had a specific type of pattern in their palms and had some planetary disturbances.


With some of the latest research on astrology, and that too followed by some expert level data analysis, it’s been seen that the following palm patterns or some planets have a direct relationship with a person’s health:


1. If there is a cross in the heart line of the palm, it can indicate that the person is having a risk of heart attack.

2. If the Sun line accumulates with the Venus mount and creates one tangent like sign, then very dangerous heart-related diseases occurs that may incur doing By-Pass surgery or even lead to losing lives due to severe attacks.

3. If the Fate line and the Sun line touch each other and create one cross or triangle, it can lead to heart diseases.

4. If the Venus mount cuts the health line, then it can lead to a blood pressure and urinal problems.

5. If there is a cross in the 2nd Mangal or Mars, then it can lead to Gyno problems or childlessness.

6. If the Sun line is small and has a cross at the base, then it can lead to severe eye problems like Glaucoma.


The points given above are not just a theory, in fact, they are the practical results obtained from several different hospitals in Kolkata by some of the best junior team of astrologers. These points will give us an idea of how far astrology has moved, as research-oriented approaches were only obtained by scientists earlier. Hence those days are gone when people used to make a mockery out of the astrologers and even for the astrologers too it’s not possible now to give peoples some broad analysis, without involving too much into the solutions. In today’s world, a person claiming to be the best astrologer needs to have proper kind of explanations for their actions, especially for cities like Kolkata, West Bengal where the peoples had loosed their hopes on the astrology.

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