Media Advertising: Determining your Chosen Medium

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Advertising goes a long way to build a brand and make effective sales for a company. Advertising is the promotion of a company’s products and services in order to make customers aware of the products. Advertising has become an inseparable part of the corporate world and companies allocate significant funds to their advertising budget. With the emergence of new technologies, media plays an important role in advertising. The combination of new technologies and globalization has advanced the growth of media advertising. Advertising has become an important factor in our present day society and economy to increase the sales of a company.

It is possible to place advertisements in any kind of media; printed, electronic, or web. Advertisements have the power to influence a potential customer’s thoughts, opinions, preferences, and attitudes. As such, companies are willing to dole out large amounts in order to promote their products and building up their brand. Every company defines their own goals and objectives for advertising their products, solutions, and services and create their messaging accordingly.

Media advertisements can be used, transmitted and shared across different mediums like televisions, internet, magazines and newspapers. Internet has become an integral part of our lives now. The days of print and television media being the only available platforms of advertising are long gone. Traditional media has now been modified to encompass the digital media including mobile and internet in order to be able to target larger audiences and advertise more purposefully. Companies usually have a media strategy in place in order to determine which type of advertising best suits the promotion of their products.

Broadcast Advertising

Radio and television ads are considered tools for mass marketing. They are generally prepared by advertising agencies that understand the need of the client and make commercials keeping the customer in mind. Broadcast advertising has always been an essential part of marketing. The broadcast media reaches a much wider audience as opposed to the print media. Advertising over television and radio and enables a company to reach not only national but also global audiences. The broadcast medium is considered to be a very effective medium of advertising and its sole purpose is to persuade a potential customer about the benefits of a product.

A commercial on the radio must be aired a number of times before it starts to register on the minds of the people listening to it. Thus, the frequency of the aired ad is very important. One must also keep in mind the target audience in relation to the advertisement. An ad on the broadcast medium can be aired only after doing a proper research on what kind of audiences listen to which channels and at what times. The ad for a particular product has to be aired accordingly for it to be successful. The cost of the advertisements on any channel depends upon the duration of the commercial and the specific time of the day at which it is aired.

Television advertising is generally opted by corporate houses. It synchronizes a strong audio and video to create an impact. But it is also important for a television advertisement that the audio and video are impactful on their own, individually, such that even if a person only hears the ad and is unable to see it, it can strike up a memory in his mind.

Digital Advertising and its Advantages

Over the years, digital advertising has raised the bar in advertising. A vast majority of the population is on the internet a considerable amount of time each day. Thus, advertising on this platform allows a company to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Even though it has been possible to reach large majorities through radio, newspapers and television, internet allows the added advantage of being able to use internet-based tools to research, manage, track and analyse the online advertising campaign and also improve upon it. Digital marketing can seamlessly integrate the target customer’s user experience on a particular website and guide them back to a particular company’s site in a non-invasive way. This helps to maximize conversion rates. Digital marketing enables a company to track a customer’s moves with respect to the company’s advertisement. Having the right advertising strategies in place will help companies to cut costs while increasing profits. With digital marketing, companies can see the results of their efforts, in real time.

Digital or media platforms collect data which can be used effectively to run a specific and targeted media advertising campaign. Different campaigns can be run for different target audiences. It is also easy to scale up or scale down depending on the response received over the course of the campaign.

Online advertising can help a business take off real fast. As ads start to be shown on a platform, a target customer can come across it a number of times. This sparks their interest and bookings and sales can start coming within minutes, depending on the type of business.

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