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Do you know that the meanings of flowers are attached to human personality? 

Flowers are a part of the most important occasions in our life. They are an integral part of our life on birthdays, funerals, graduations, weddings, etc. Some flowers also have religious significance. 

It is impossible for anyone to be completely unaware of the meaning of flowers. Everyone knows that a red rose stands for romantic love, a black rose is sent for a war or a trip,  and does not send a yellow rose to anyone in mourning. Or, with a preserved rose, you can enjoy the beauty of the roses.. However, the meanings are associated not only with roses but also with other flowers:

Alstroemeria: Alstroemeria flower is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is also a flower of friendship.

Amaryllis: Amaryllis This flower is a symbol of magnificent beauty. It is also used to indicate beyond beauty.

Anemone: Anemone on a dark note shows the fading hope and the feeling of overtaking. On a positive note, it is a symbol of anticipation.

Anthurium: Anthurium is a symbol of hospitality. It is also used to indicate happiness and abundance.

Aster: Aster is a symbol of patience. It is a sign of the love of diversity. It is also a symbol of elegance and poise.

Birds of Paradise: Birds of Paradise symbolize happiness. It is a symbol of grandeur. It can also be used to indicate exciting and wonderful anticipation.

Bawardia Double: Bawardia Double is a symbol of enthusiasm. It is also used to indicate enthusiasm for life.

Calla-lily: Calla-lily is a symbol of grandeur and beauty. White Calla Lily combines these two features with the purity and innocence associated.

Carnation: Carnation is a symbol of pride and beauty. 

  • Red carnivore is a symbol of love, pride, and admiration. 

  • Pink carnation symbolizes the love of a woman or mother 

  • Purple carnation symbolizes capriciousness.

  • Yellow carnation signifies disdain, disapproval or disappointment.

  • While a white carnation is the symbol of innocence and pure love. 

Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum is a symbol of loyalty, optimism, happiness, and long life. 

  • Red chrysanthemum expresses love.

  • White chrysanthemum is a symbol of truth and faithful love. 

  • Yellow chrysanthemum is a symbol of modest love.

Daffodil: Daffodil is a symbol of relationship and courtesy. It is a sign of rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life. It is also a symbol of unrequited love. A single Daffodil foretells misfortune while a bunch of daffodils indicates joy and happiness.

Daisy: Daisy is a symbol of innocence and purity. It shows sincere love. Gerbera Daisy characteristically introduces cheerfulness.

Delphinium: Delphinium symbolizes big heart, fun, lightness, and leverage. It also indicates an enthusiastic attachment.

Frisia: Frisia is a symbol of innocence and thoughtfulness.

Gardenia: Gardenia is a symbol of purity and sweetness. This indicates secret love. It expresses happiness and tells the receiver that you are cute.

Gerbera: Gerbera belongs to the daisy family and therefore considers the symbolism associated with Daisy's flower. Gerbera, in particular, introduces cheerfulness.

Gladiolus: Gladiolus is a symbol of the strength of character, faith, and respect. Gladiolus flower signifies remembrance.

Heather: Heather lavender is a symbol of appreciation, solitude, and beauty while white heather is a symbol of protection and indicates that wishes will come true.

Hyacinth: Hyacinth is in the finesse and a sporty attitude and its extreme enthusiasm. Hyacinths indicated constipation. 

  • Blue hyacinth means constipation

  • Purple for grief.

  • Red or Pink for playing.

  • White for love.

  • Yellow for jealousy.

Hydrangea: Hydrangea is a symbol of warm feelings. It can be used to express gratitude for understanding. Hydrangea in its negative sense signifies friction and heartlessness.

Iris: Iris is a symbol of eloquence. 

  • Purple iris is a symbol of wisdom and appreciation. 

  • Blue iris is a symbol of faith and hope. 

  • Yellow iris symbolizes passion.  

  • White iris symbolizes purity.

Larkspur: Larkspur is a symbol of levitation or lightness. It is also an indicator of agility and nervousness.

Lilac: Lilac is a symbol of youthful innocence and confidence. 

  • White lilac is a symbol of humility and innocence.

  • Field lilac is a symbol of charity.

  • purple lilac is a symbol of first love.

Lily: Lily is a symbol of purity and refined beauty. 

  • The white lily is a symbol of humility and virginity.

  • Orange lily is a symbol of passion.

  • Yellow lily is a symbol of gaiety while the lily of the valley is the symbol of sweetness and purity of heart. 

  • Easter lily is a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

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