Maternity Photoshoot Guide 101: Do's & Don'ts to Consider

by Lifafaz Kids Maternity Photographer

A maternity photoshoot offers a chance to capture the beauty and excitement of your pregnancy journey. However, you must follow the proper steps to get the expected photos. We have prepared a brief guide to help you get the best maternity photos. Here are some do's and don'ts to ensure you have a successful and enjoyable maternity photoshoot:


1. Plan Well: Schedule your maternity photo shoot well in advance, ideally during the second trimester when your belly is prominent, but you're still comfortable.

2. Choose a Skilled Photographer: Select a photographer experienced in maternity photography. Review the previous work samples and portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision.

3. Discuss Your Vision: Communicate your ideas, preferences, and any specific shots you want with your photographer. Sharing a mood board or inspirational photos can be helpful.

4. Location Matters: Decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor shoot. Consider locations that hold sentimental value or that match the style you're aiming for.

5. Wardrobe Selection: Select maternity outfits that flatter your body and accentuate your baby bump. Flowing dresses, fitted gowns, and open-front cardigans are popular choices.

6. Accessorize Thoughtfully: Consider accessories like flower crowns, maternity sashes, or sentimental jewellery to enhance your look.

7. Professional Hair and Makeup: Consider hiring a professional hair and makeup artist to help you look your best and feel confident during the shoot.

8. Involve Your Partner and Siblings: Include your partner and older children in some shots if you wish. This can capture the joy and anticipation of the whole family.

9. Embrace Natural Light: Opt for natural light when possible. Early morning or late afternoon provides soft, flattering lighting.

10. Relax and Enjoy: The best photos often come from candid moments and genuine emotions. Relax, have fun, and let your natural self shine through.


1. Don't Procrastinate: Book your photoshoot well in advance to secure your preferred date and photographer.

2. Avoid Tight Clothing: Choose comfortable outfits that allow room for movement. Avoid tight clothing that may leave marks on your skin.

3. Don't Overdo Props: While props can add a unique touch, avoid overloading your photos with too many. Keep it simple and meaningful.

4. Avoid Overwhelming Locations: Avoid selecting crowded or distracting locations. You want the focus to be on you and your baby bump.

5. Don't Forget About Comfort: Prioritize comfort when choosing outfits and accessories. You may wear them for an extended period, so ensure you can move and sit comfortably.

7. Don't Stress: Pregnancy can come with its share of discomforts and insecurities. Don't stress about your appearance; pregnancy is a beautiful journey.

8. Don't Wait Too Long: Schedule your maternity photoshoot during the recommended timeframe. Waiting too long may result in missing the ideal window.

9. Avoid Focusing Solely on the Belly: While showcasing your baby bump is essential, remember to capture other meaningful moments and emotions during the photoshoot. It would be best to speak to your photographer for the couple's pregnancy photoshoot and include your partner in the frame.

By following these do's and don'ts, you can ensure that your maternity photoshoot is a memorable and enjoyable experience that beautifully captures this particular time in your life.


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