Masonic regalia apron to welcome new members in Freemasonry

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Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization. It is a society of men that are mainly concerned with high moral and spiritual values. These brothers regularly meet at Lodges they belong to in order to interact about the ongoing activities of the Lodge and also to communicate about recruiting new members to the organization. While meeting at Lodges, Masons also use the platform to spread the teachings of the fraternity and also conduct ceremonies that are a representation of its history, philosophy and symbols.

One of the most important functions of the Masonic Lodges is to go through all the applications of the candidates that want to be part of this fraternity and also recruit the new members that are worthy. Once a new member has gone the tough selection process, he becomes worthy of being called as Freemason. A member of high intellectual, social and moral values is considered capable of being part of this organization. All the Freemasons refer each other as brother. Special ceremonies and rituals are carried out to welcome new members. For performing rituals, Masonic regalia are also used. They have a great deal of importance as they have significant Freemasonry symbols on them. Some of the regalia include aprons, gloves, rings, cufflinks, pocket watches, tie pins, pendants etc.

Masonic aprons

Out of all the regalia, the most common and symbolic is Masonic Regalia Apron. They were used by Stone Masons and till date they are used by the members of Freemasons. Aprons are no longer restricted to kitchen whereas are used in the Freemasonry rituals. Every order in this organization has its own apron that signifies its specific teachings. Lodges can also get their aprons and other regalia custom made.

These days, the aprons are worn by the modern Masons to symbolize the aprons that were used by the Stone Masons in the 1600s and 1700s.  The aprons worn by the Stone Masons were very long in length and covered the whole body in order to protect them from the tools used for cutting the stones. On the other hand, the aprons used these days are not that long and are given to all the new members during the initiation ceremonies. All the Freemasons are expected to keep their aprons pristine clean and in perfect condition. Nowadays, the aprons are made of cloth rather than leather and lamb skin.  

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