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Considered the largest fraternity across the globe, freemasons have many associated facts which are interesting and inspiring. In present times, some people carry forward this legacy and continue to pay respect to their community. They also wear masonic rings and exchange many masonic gifts available on online portals like The Masonic Collection.  

More about the masonic ring  

Symbols have a special place in Freemasonry. The masonic rings have the most recognized symbols on them. They are mostly made of silver and gold because masons are highly skilled workers. Masonic rings with the letter G symbol are very popular among masonic gifts and have different meanings. Some refer to it as the great architects of the universe and others call it God. Letter G is also associated with geometry, which is the basis of the operative craft which gave rise to freemasonry.   

Wearing masonic rings  

Initially, only master masons were allowed to wear a masonic ring on the third finger of the right hand. These rings have no association with religion because topics of religion and politics are banned in freemasonry societies. Masonic rings come in various types but as per rules, wearing a blue lodge ring or third-degree master ring is only master for master masons.  

History of masonic rings  

As stated earlier, there were many types of masonic rings other than the blue lodge or the master mason rings. Other rings are past master rings, Scottish rite rings, York rite rings, and Eastern star rings. Members of the masonic community started wearing masonic rings in later years and they were made of precious metals and gems. The main purpose was to elaborate craftsmanship and show respect towards the community. These rings had a simple design and masonic logs were cut into the face of the ring.  

Meaning and significance of masonic rings  

Antique masonic rings with different symbols have several meanings. One of them is associated with the circular shape of the ring. It represents the eternity of the circle or the bond of a mason with his community. This is derived from early homo sapiens who too associated the meaning of wedding rings with the eternal bond between two partners. Another meaning of masonic rings is the representation of members’ loyalty to their fraternity and authenticity.  

Masonic rings in present times  

The practice of wearing and gifting antique masonic rings is relevant to date. The size, shape, and style of rings have been transformed as per the fashion trends. If you are someone who adores historical rings, the right place to get them is The Masonic Collection. The online platform offers an assortment of Masonic Rings and gifts. that define true creativity, detailing, and flawlessness. The rings carry the most acknowledged symbol of Freemasonry, the Square, and Compasses with ‘G’ at the centre. You can get one for yourself or someone passionate about the loyalty of the community. The Masonic Collection offers customized gifting options related to freemasonry and one can place orders after providing details.  

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