Martial Arts: Improving Your Body, Mind and Soul

by Sgmaa Academy St.George Martial Arts Academy

Modern Australia is home to many different cultures and nations. A great number of ‘modified’ martial art varieties have become popular among children and adults. Before you Google for ‘Taekwondo classes for adults near me’ or a child- friendly Karate class,here’s a look at the types and the benefits of martial arts.

Types of Martial Arts

taekwondo classes for adults near meJudo is one of the modern martial art forms that was developed in Japan and it focuses on grappling and throwing. Apart from using an opponent’s weight against them, it also uses choking and joint locking to force submission. It allows hands and feet but there is no emphasis on striking. Karate, is about using the body, hands and feet as a weapon to inflict maximum damage on their opponent. Its popularity has been fuelled by Hollywood actors Chuck Norris and Van Damme and it is a favorite among children in Australia. The oldest martial arts form founded in China is Kung Fu. Its styles are inspired by Chinese religion, philosophy, legend and geography. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan popularized this art form. ‘Taekwondo classes for adults near me’ is a very common query on Google and other popular search engines. Taekwondo is a modern Asian martial arts form, whose roots are founded in karate and Chinese inspired martial arts. It focuses on speed, discipline and integrity that is built through regular routines and patterns. Its progress levels can be gauged through ranks or belt colors. A Thai competitive sport known as Muay Thai is also known as the ‘Art of the Eight Limbs’. It uses elbows, knees, fists and shins to attack the opponent anywhere on the body. As a full contact martial art form it is highly efficient and quick.

Benefits of Martial Arts

Any of the martial art forms will ensure a child or an adult becomes healthier and fitter. Movement, speed and agility are the primary reasons to take up classes in these art forms. They teach your body to respond quickly and under pressure. Regular practice will help you improve your agility and flexibility. Before you search for ‘Taekwondo classes for adults near me’, it’s good to be aware that martial art forms like Taekwondo focus on making the body powerful and strong. The complex kicks and movements will definitely strengthen and improve the overall muscular structure of the body.  Repetitive training keeps you lean and disciplined while executing kicks and throws require a lot of flexibility. A strong core, coordination and awareness are all ways that martial arts can create stability and inner strength. Healthy habits, discipline and regular exercise accompanied by learning of valuable skills and routines can lower blood pressure and maintain a regular heart rate. A certain amount of mental and spiritual discipline is required to execute certain moves. Clarity of mind and perseverance is an after benefit of being part of a martial art form. The ability to focus and concentrate can help individuals when they fight competitively.

Regular practice in any martial art form will lead to rewarding improvements for the body, mind and soul.

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