Make the most of your lazy day with these activity books for kids

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Heavy showers, blazing and scorching heat and hazy days, make the weather is unfavourable for kids to play outdoors. To keep the kids safe, occupied and entertained indoors and preventing them from throwing tantrums, tearing up the house and breaking glasses, open up some activity books for kids and turn your house into an activity arcade. 

Make the most of the hazy days by transforming your house beyond a place for regular toys, homework and computer games with the help of children story books and kids books online, among others. 

Fun Indoor Activities for a Little Day Out in your home

Bring out the Colours

During times of dull and boring atmospheres outdoors, you can brighten up your indoors and make the day colourful for your loved ones by getting out your colourful tools and kits. 

Get creative by putting to use those normal and/or spray paints, crayons and colourful pens and pencils and drawing and painting your hearts and minds out.

Today’s internet age has also paved the way for kids activities among others through avenues such as an online coloring book. 

Have a Mazing Day

Yes, this is correct and not a typographical error. If you have not figured it out yet, look carefully at the italic font in the sub-heading. 

It is time to scour your house for those activity books for kids and get their minds on board with some interesting mazes and puzzles. Keep those mazes and puzzles running as well as the little minds. With the help of the Internet, you can scour your portable devices for kids books online. 

Tell a Story

Make your house an in-house library for your kids with children story books. You can either get them to read them, and if not, then read to them and get them to listen. 

Either of the above approaches will sharpen and broaden the little minds and provide them with interesting lessons, perceptions and point of views as every story has a moral. 

Play Guessing Games

According to Albert Mehrabian’s theory on communication and information retention, the probability of retaining information is 55% when received visually (by seeing). 

What better way to teach the little ones about objects and personalities than with the help of pictures? Begin the hunt for some picture books online and test your little ones on observation, concentration and memory.  

The picture books online can be building blocks towards the popular name, place, animal and thing. 


There are many ways in which your play dates with the little ones can be made joyful, eventful and colorful. The ones provided above are a good place to begin. 

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