Major Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

by Jacob Williams Hqmould - Plastic Mould Factory

Plastic injection moulding is one of the best methods of manufacturing plastics because of various advantages over other methods of manufacturing. Using this method, custom mould maker produces various shapes of plastics which are of complicated shape. This moulding method used by various plastic mould manufacturers of china to produce the mass amount of plastics. Let us see its advantages:

High Efficiency –Fast Production:

Injection moulding is very fast process and hence, preferred over other methods of moulding. With this process, custom mould makers can able to produce high production output rate. Thus, the process becomes more efficient and cost-effective method. Depending on the size and shape of mould you have to manufacture, the speed varies only about 15-120 seconds pass between every single cycle time.

Plastic mould of China can able to produce larger quantity of moulds in a limited amount of time. This will lead to great profit, as it increases revenue, gain and margins.

Complex Part Design:

Only this method, can able to handle various complex design parts according to the customer’s wish. This molding method has ability to manufacture millions of virtually similar plastic mould parts. The most important thing while manufacturing millions of similar plastic parts is maintaining the precision and design of all plastic parts without any changes. In order to keep up this accuracy, you have to consider certain key elements.

Accuracy maintained through key design elements which means good design elements considered during manufacturing process. Some of the key design elements include rib design, wall thickness, boss design, corner transitions, weld lines and gate and vent placement. When you properly care all these design elements, you will get precision of all plastic parts.

Enhanced Strength:

Strength is another crucial factor determined while manufacturing plastic parts. Here the custom mould maker designs the plastic parts considering how the customers will use the product in future. If the product requires some flexibility features, then Plastic mould manufacturers of China will adjust the ribs or gussets. So, the designer will produce the product based on the need and how the customers will use it.

Selecting the proper material plays a crucial role in deciding strength of your plastic mould parts. Adjusting the key design elements properly also determines the strength and accuracy as well.

Other Advantages:

With plastic injection molding there are some other advantages such as flexibility, reduced waste of materials and low labor costs etc.


Based on the advantages of plastic injection molding method, techniques are used by Plastic mould manufacturers of China. But only few deliver accuracy and precision of the plastic products. One such organization delivers the most accuracy of plastic parts is HQ Mould. They are one of the leading manufacturers in industry and specialized in plastic injection mould, pipe fitting mould, auto parts mould, logistic mould, furniture mould, household mould, thin wall mould

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