Main Reasons Cloud Storage Needs to Be a Part of Your Business

by Emma L. Business consultant

Every large corporation has once started small, so in order for your small business to grow, it needs the implementation of the right strategies and tools. A sustainable business plan is also a must, as well as an ambitious and hard-working team. As for the tools, one that has become almost indispensable in the data storage domain is cloud storage infrastructure. 

Naturally, some entrepreneurs will feel somewhat reserved migrating to a cloud storage system since the physical servers give them a feeling that they are more in control of their business data. However, what cloud storage can offer to a growth-oriented business is quite beneficial and here are a few reasons why you should make that switch.

Offers operational scalability

Ever since your small business was just an idea in the making, one of the prospective goals of your business plan must have been its growth. That growth can be gradual or abrupt and all elements that comprise your business need to be flexible enough to sustain that expansion. 

Infrastructure such as a hyper-converge combined with cloud storage offers a smooth growth pace of storage capabilities which follows the expansion of your business. Its advantage in comparison to traditional cloud infrastructure is that it doesn’t require an extensive process to adapt to current needs but only adds new appliances to the present structure. 

Provides access flexibility

To comply with the demands of a modern business world, your business needs to be operable from different places in the world, which means that you need to have access to your data worldwide. Your colleagues should have no problem accessing and sharing different kinds of files through all the platforms you might be using.

Cloud storage gives you this possibility and also enables the files to be accessible across different devices, such as smartphones and laptops. To sum up, this means you can access, manage and share documents and files from whichever location and whatever gadget, provided that you have internet access. It also allows your business to grow, facilitating the hire of remote talent, as well as working on business trips.

Delivers data protection

Although the idea of being able to access your files and information from any point in the world with internet access is exciting, it can be unnerving at the same time, for that same reason. If you are storing confidential data somewhere and giving access to a number of people, you naturally wish to make certain that they are all safe.

This fear is not ungrounded since, beside unscrupulous competition, there are cybercriminals who would probably love to get their hands on sensitive data, such as customer credit card information. In terms of security, enterprise cloud storage leverages in Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Internet access management, virtual machine backup, data multi-copy, and other strategies to make sure your data is safe. This type of infrastructure will not only give you peace of mind, but it might save your reputation and business as well.

Decrease business costs

Installing your own internal physical servers can be quite costly, not to mention that you would need skilled individuals who know how to maintain them properly. If not taken care of regularly, you risk data loss and a delay in communication and task completion since the data might not be updated. This can be detrimental to your business since every client wishes for the deadlines to be respected and for their company’s data to be secure.

Migrating to a cloud storage infrastructure means that you will not have the need for hardware components nor experts to maintain them since all of the maintenance is performed by providers. Security is also their responsibility, so by using their services, you will cut operational costs all of which allows you to concentrate solely on your business.


The modern way of doing business means that you need to be flexible and decisive since making the right decisions about whether to introduce changes are essential for future operations. By opting for cloud storage, you decrease your expenditure, alleviate remote access of files without compromising their security as well as introducing a system that will seamlessly adapt to the growth of your business.

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