Machine centers: and its wide range of applications

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The article informs the readers about the importance of industrial machinery in facilitating the production process. A machining center is a machine tool which is capable of performing multiple functions such as milling, drilling, boring, and tapping. It also talks about the modern CNC lathe machines which are replacing the traditional ones because of the improved work efficiency.

In every commercial and industrial sectors machine play a major role in the entire process of production and transportation of final products. In an industrial setup, several varying kinds of machinery are present and each one of those machinery has their own very specific functionality and usage. In recent times, owing to technological advancements Industrial Machinery has also developed quite a lot and today industries are equipped with state of the art mechanical devices which has significantly reduced manual work and help in speeding up the process of the work.

Large industries require heavy machinery for carrying heavy loads and for successfully completing the work an industrial setting needs to have different types of machinery. There are a number of companies which specializes in manufacturing all kinds of heavy industrial machinery and supplies high-quality products to their clients. Many of the leading manufacturers of industrial machinery are also the leading exporters. Some of the various industrial products are lifting equipment, industrial cranes, and automated cranes among others. The manufacturers of these products also make spare parts for the machines.

One of the very important machine tools in a commercial setting is a Machining Center. A machining center is a tool which is run by computer programs and is capable of handling various machining operations such as, milling, tapping, boring, and drilling without changing the parts settings using multiple tools with an Automatic tool change unit.  

Machining center can be categorized into two types:

1.      Horizontal machining center

2.      Vertical Machining Center

Horizontal machining centers are regarded as a versatile tool which is used for doing machining works on more than one face of the parts in the single setup. Horizontal machine centers have multiple functionalities and varying area of applications. Vertical machining centers are used for working on a single face of a single setup. Their applications are restricted to mainly on the flat type of works such as plates.

CNC Lathe Machine

Nowadays, CNC Lathe Machines are replacing the traditional lathes. A CNC lathe machine makes use of computer numerical control which offers the machine the ability to make intricate cuts on varying materials such as metals, woods, and plastics. They are utilized in order to make various parts for a wide range of industries. The working of the CNC lathe is quite complex and that’s why a trained professional is required to control and handle it.

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