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Love Commands

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I don't know how I went with Chen Xiao until now, and even when I think about it, I am shocked.

Chen Xiao and I belong to two worlds. She likes to enjoy every inadvertent moment in life and never thinks about the future. In three years of university, she had already eaten all kinds of food around Wudaokou, and when she went out to eat with her, she would habitually take out a lot of membership cards.

And I have my own dreams and pursuits day after day, love and food have never been so important in my eyes. However, she is changing me subtly, and I don't know it myself.

Seeing her weight grow up day and night, I didn't care about the proper tone, and told her straightforwardly: "Chen Xiao, you fat man, don't know how to eat all day long."

Chen Xiao's tone was not at all angry. She said, "I have eaten your rice. Oh, no, I will drink your porridge in the future."

I really couldn't help her, but it was not like this at first.

I met Chen Xiao because of department activities. When people in the department were eating together that day, suddenly a young-looking girl stood at the door. Later, after she took the seat, she introduced herself, and I knew her name was Chen Xiao. I didn't have a good impression of her at first. In short, she was not tall enough and her appearance was not enough, so she could only get it together with a fat face. And I am a person who hates not being punctual in the concept of time — she was late for the first department dinner, such a person, I have no interest in getting to know.

The most important thing is that I had a girlfriend that I loved very much at the time. Even if I met a girl I really liked, I wouldn't make trouble. Therefore, within a year of knowing her, we had no intersection, or even spoken.

Of course, other things happened during the year, such as breaking up with my girlfriend.

The breakup wasn't peaceful enough, and everyone knew it. Everyone who knew us knew that I was dumped by her, including Chen Xiao.

At that time, I was in a bad mood. There was a department meeting to discuss the activity plan. When the discussion for more than ten minutes was fruitless, Chen Xiao suddenly appeared at the door of the meeting room with a guilty expression on his face. I didn’t give her a good face, and started talking. Scolded: "Next time you are late, you can get out."

Chen Xiao did not slam the door and left, but silently found an empty seat to sit down.

After the meeting, everyone left directly, except that Chen Xiao did not leave the meeting room directly, but placed a note next to my hand. When I just wanted to ask her what she was writing, she had already walked out the door.

Open the note, and it says a line: If you are in a bad mood, I can take you to eat delicious food.

I wonder if we know each other well? Then I threw the note into the trash can, but the next night, I called her and asked her where she was, and asked her to take me to the food sanctuary.

From that time, I knew that she was a lively girl. She was optimistic and upbeat, as if sadness was never hidden in her. The most important thing was that she could really find the long-lost taste in every corner of the street.

In the following year, she took me to eat many places, and I gradually got out of the shadow of broken love. Sometimes I also joked with her: "Chen Xiao, do you have any intentions against me? The barriers to being my girlfriend are quite high."

She never let me get the upper hand: "Come on, if I fell in love with you, you would have been my plate of Chinese food, and wait until today."

In fact, before one incident, I never thought of letting Chen Xiao be my girlfriend. Although being with her is a very relaxing and pleasant thing, falling in love and making friends are two different things. I always feel that there is no urge to love in her. I don't know what kind of affection she has for me, whether it is the same as mine, and I don't want to know.

When my ex-girlfriend asked me to get back together, Chen Xiao finally helped me clean up the orderly world and it was suddenly chaotic. At that time, I began to avoid Chen Xiao, I was afraid that Chen Xiao would say that I was spineless when he knew it, and of course I did not reply to my ex-girlfriend. Chen Xiao found me in a coffee shop I frequent after I ignored her for a week. She seemed to know something and asked me how I was thinking about it, and there was no room for maneuver.

I said, "I don't know."

Chen Xiao said: "Since I have not forgotten, we must stay together."

I said, "But there are some things that can't be returned. I don't want to hurt her."

Chen Xiao said: "Then you ask her to make it clear."

I didn't make an appointment with my ex-girlfriend for dinner. I replied a text message to her: Sorry, I don't think I was the one I used to be.

The ex-girlfriend didn’t say that I would toast and not eat or drink fine wine. The text message she replied to me was unexpectedly kind: Is it the girl who often walks with you? She looks pretty simple and suitable your.

After being with Chen Xiao, our lives are no different from before. The places where we often go on dates are various snack streets or newly opened restaurants. She said to me: "I like you, so I want to take you to eat delicious food. I am willing to share everything I like with you."

Sometimes I would ask her: "What else can you do besides eating?" She wasn't angry, and said to me like a challenge paper, "I like you."

To be honest, Chen Xiao has never liked this type before. I don't think this kind of girl can have any climate, she's too petty and short-sighted. After being with this kind of girl for a long time, I feel uncomfortable.

I just started to dislike Chen Xiao.

I called and told her: "Chen Xiao, I don't like a girl who knows nothing, let alone a fat man who knows nothing, so do it yourself."

When I said this, I regretted it a little bit. I think I should be more euphemistic.

Chen Xiao is very sensitive. It was past midnight that night. I received her text message: I know I’ve never been what you like. I know I’m lazy and have no goals, but after being with you, I’m really there. Try to chase your pace. I have never expected you to stay with me all the time, and if you want to leave, I will send you away as I did in the beginning. So, I agree with you to go, let's break up.

When I saw the text message, I felt very uncomfortable. I called her, and the phone rang for a long time but no one answered. I texted her: I am waiting for you downstairs in your dormitory, if you are willing to forgive me.

When she ran downstairs to her dormitory, the usual couples had long disappeared. I took out my phone and checked the time, it was almost one o'clock in the morning. I forgot to charge the phone. At that time, I gritted my teeth and muttered to myself: "You'd better not come down. You will definitely not look good when you come down."

I sat on the edge of the lawn and thought of some past events.

It was the same time when I was disappointed in love. Chen Xiao took me out for dinner. I didn't want to go back to school early, so I asked her to accompany me around the school. The way I took her is no stranger, and they are all the paths I used to take with my ex-girlfriend.

Chen Xiao made a very unreasonable request to me at the time. She asked me to be her guide. She said she would close her eyes and walk for a while and asked me if she could pull the corner of my clothes.

I did not refuse.

Then it got my wish—when I was walking on that road alone, the first thing I thought of was no longer my ex. Instead, I would inadvertently think of the few minutes that Chen Xiao took my clothes and walked. I would laugh out loud for no reason.

It was almost two o'clock in the morning when I heard someone coming out of her dormitory door, and when the street light gradually illuminated her face, I ran over and hugged her without a plan.

"Fool, who said I'm leaving you."

At that moment, I felt that even if she knew nothing, it was enough as long as she was by my side. My first breakup with her was such an attempt.

Later, Chen Xiao never broke up with me. Although she began to consciously learn what is valuable to me, her love of eating is not diminished.

She just became fat as expected.

Later, someone asked me, what do you like Chen Xiao? I said, I don't know, but I can't do anything with her.

I think when you can't help it with someone, you just fall in love with her completely.

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