Looking for the Best Whistleblower Law Firm? Factors to Consider When Choosing One!

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The Internet has been a useful tool whenever it comes to learning information about ‘just anything' in the world, so is for ‘factors to seek in the top whistleblower law firm.’ However, you must know that certain websites deliberately misstate law firms’ success and experience representing the whistleblowers. Some websites scheme to target whistleblowers claiming to be put up by certified and experienced attorneys, when in reality they offer referral services only.

Below are some practical tips to seek when choosing a whistleblower attorney, regardless of if it’s for the SEC, IRS, or qui tam whistleblower case.

Success rate with whistleblower cases

Make sure the firm has had quite a satisfactory and consistent success rate with whistleblower cases, be it of qui tam whistleblower cases or SEC whistleblower cases. Certain whistleblower law firms claim that they have won major cases, however couldn’t put them up on their websites. In such a scenario, request specific instances and references.

The attorney’s expertise areas

Some whistleblower law firms deliberately have their websites appear as they specialize in representing all kinds of whistleblower claims across the United States; however, their hands-on experience, in reality, belongs to other areas. Dodd-Frank and False Claims Act whistleblower laws are convoluted, and a misinterpretation of them could cause you an irrecoverable loss.

Lists of won whistleblower cases to date

Crosscheck the whistleblower cases mentioned on the firm’s website with their attorneys to verify the nature of those cases and if they have actually won those cases. An extensive and detailed conversation between an attorney and a prospective client can clear your doubts.

Make sure you are consulting a law firm, and not a referral service

Referral firms’ websites usually make them appear as they are law firms. These firms target whistleblowers and pawn their cases off to the real whistleblower firms, meanwhile, they get paid by you as well as the whistleblower firm for their referral service only. You won’t want to waste your time, money, plus energy on some referral services because they won’t give you back anything. Consulting a whistleblower law firm directly is the only wise move.

Now, how would you know if it’s the core whistleblower law firm or not?

Try to find out if the website has a list of lawyers. Sometimes referral services websites are permitted to show the names of the best whistleblower lawyers for attracting clients; this is where you will want to put up an open conversation with the firm. The more open and extensive your conversation is the clearer the picture.


Attorneys represent whistleblowers across the nation. Any attorney who is considering taking your whistleblower case must offer you the travel costs to consult with them. Whistleblower law firms, based in Washington, D.C. have certain perks, because of their proximity to the Department of Justice, IRS, and the SEC.

Well, while this is not a major factor as others to look in a whistleblower law firm, you should, at least, make sure the lawyers are in quick proximity.

Experience working with the IRS, SEC, and U.S. Department of Justice

A whistleblower lawyer can win a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit if they can get the government involved. The government’s partaking is fundamental for whistleblower cases filed with the IRS and the SEC. Consult with a whistleblower law firm that can show you their long-lasting relation with the government in order to win whistleblower lawsuits.

Brown, LLC is one of those reputable and most reviewed whistleblower law firms in the U.S.A, been representing thousands of whistleblowers from across the country every year. Brown, LLC has an extensive record of whistleblower lawsuits that they have won and helped the government recover funds. Consult with them immediately if you are considering filing a whistleblower claim.

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