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An insight into the New York and Federal tax Whistleblower provision

An exclusive provision of the New York State False Claims Act permits individuals to result in qui tam actions against entities or people who recklessly or deliberately have been underpaying the New York States taxes. Whistleblowers are endowed with the power to blow the whistles on the wrongdoers, and bring about a reward for themselves up to 15 to 30% of the recovery by government, if successful.

A whistleblower (also known as a relator), as in federal qui tam actions, is allowed to file an action anonymously that an organization has been significantly underpaying New York State tax obligations. New York States taxes are particularly covered by the New York False Claims Act.

The New York AG’s office is very heedful in enforcing the New York False Claims Act against corporations that deliberately underpay state taxes.

To set a substantial legal precedent in a case, the NY Court of Appeals allows the plaintiffs to proceed with their False Claims Act case. The IRS whistleblower program also ensures financial incentives for whistleblowers who report tax evasions, tax shelters, underpayments, and all other kinds of tax fraud. Tax whistleblower attorneys at Brown, LLC, based in New York, have been representing clients from across the country who have blown whistleblowers on corporate tax corruption.

Corporate tax fraud

To be a whistleblower for tax underpayment or fraud never means reporting any of your acquaintances for they have failed to pay their taxes last year. IRS basically does not have time to process a case worth less than a million. Why corporate tax fraud is worth IRS’ time is because it always accounts for millions of dollars. IRS will never pursue the tax fraud case of your brother-in-law.

Corporate tax abuse usually includes:

  • Failure to report all revenue
  • Abuse of tax shelters
  • Exaggerating losses
  • Deferred compensation
  • Money laundering tax fraud
  • Concealing earnings from foreign markets
  • Transfer mispricing for goods or services
  • Backdating stock option grants

If you are aware of any corporate tax law misconduct comprising these or other scenarios, you could receive a financial reward for your bravery and efforts throughout, to bring credible and specific information to the authorities. You should have a clear and useful knowledge of the tax abuse that can go beyond only speculations that an organization taxpayer has been significantly non-compliant.

Whistleblower compensations

The IRS whistleblowers who provide valuable information typically lead to the recovery of significant amounts of taxes. Being a whistleblower, you might get 15 to 30% of the amount recovered by the authorities if the sum in dispute exceeds $2 million. This comprises taxes, interests, and penalties.

For whistleblowers who never meet these criteria, the authorities offer them the Informant Claims Program which allows them a maximum award of 15% of the total amount recovered from the case.

Brown, LLC is one of the most experienced and reputable New York Tax Fraud whistleblower law firms, representing thousands of clients a year. Ours is a way through honesty and transparency.  Our New York-based tax fraud attorneys are known for their thorough consultations and wise recommendations. If you carry the knowledge and eligibility to help us document a corporate tax fraud, you are welcome anytime. Our attorneys are best known for their utter approachability and hands-on experience to represent a New York tax fraud whistleblower case.

To save your anonymity is our priority if that’s what you wish for. For you have access to the largest faculty of New York tax fraud whistleblower attorneys, the wait time is ZERO. Your case will be heard, understood, and analyzed immediately. Give us a call on (877) 561-0000.

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