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Summer is already here, and it's time to stock up and renew. For running enthusiasts, especially those who prefer shoes from the top brands, this is a time of heavy expense.


As with any season, the stores and chains are flooded with new models that may confuse the average consumer who doesn't really know how to change what they've changed in the last three months since the last model.


That's exactly why we're here.We reviewed the new colourful shoelaces for sneakers for the coming summer, and if you were looking for a line - it would come from the direction of innovation, comfort, performance, but not price (maybe just in case of one or two models).


Despite this, the market seems likely to revolutionize very soon. Importers who have so far maintained their status as almost the only address in USA for sports enthusiasts


(who do not purchase overseas or on international trade sites) will expect in the coming months at European sports giant, Dactlon, to enter the US for the first time and change the rules of the game.


With luggage full from Paris or Berlin, Dictlon's revolutionary prices will pull down the downward-sloping sports brands here and instil private brands sold for a few tens of shekels, but until all of this happens, veteran sports foxes in the Israeli market have plenty to say.


Colourful shoelaces for sneakers with technology based on research and data taken from professional athletes and translated using a 3D printer into a unique sole.This is a modern design technology that provides maximum softness for shock absorption and improved performance while running.The insoles are equipped with extra padding and provide increased support and comfort for the arch of the foot.


Our colourful shoelaces for sneakers at do seem to place New Balance in line with the world's leading running brands.

It is a colourful shoelace for sneakers that incorporates all the benefits of older V1 and V2 models, and throws away all the disadvantages like over-rigidity, complex draw and denser fabric.

The V3 is made of anairier fabric, which of course breathes better, and in general, it is a woven shoe that also looks much sportier that not only serves to keep pace but is designed to give runners maximum comfort.The only two drawbacks we found in were a tab too short (especially when attached to the body) and too high a drip for those who are used to landing on the front of the foot.


The sole of the sole consists of an abrasive substance located closest to the foot, and accumulates the energy generated during the landing.The unique technology allows for a softer heel landing with reduced pressure at the front.


Bravo! Three times in the past, the experimenter modelled colourful shoelaces for sneakers and everyone came back with the same conclusion: It's a colourful shoelace for sneakers that doesn't do it, even if everyone says it does.

This is probably a shoe that is suitable for amateurs, even if at a more advanced level. The awkward limb, the overly strong colours, and the terrifying droop - all of these have taken Sakuni out of the game of the big ones for the world's leading marathonists as well.But this time, bingo. Finally, a running shoe that features a more modest limb but grips the leg perfectly.


The new colourful shoelaces for sneakers are woven in bright colours but it is no less spectacular.

We didn't feel the energy return too much, but it may be because we didn't feel we were spending too much energy with this shoe. Even when we were really struggling.


Perfect colourful shoelaces for sneakers at all distances with comfort and custom shock absorption.

The soft loner sole that allows for custom shock absorption along with an updated limb that gives a comfortable feel like a sock.Uniform low-cut ankle below ankle gives maximum comfort at every step Loner foam proof technology with laser cut in strategic places.Laser cuts on the outer sole allow for maximum grip on the custom ground for the runner's step.


Our colourful shoelaces for sneakers are like a glove, supporting the right places, ventilated, just like a sock.The shoe has been tried on long runs on asphalt and has proven itself as a shock absorber for maximum comfort throughout the run.It would seem that running it without socks would have brought her to the maximum, but this would have caused too much wear and tear.The sole is relatively high and maintains a proper distance from the ground. Colours and Design - There is something summery and refreshing to run with colourful sneakers.We have grown accustomed to the fact that running shoes are colourful so the choice of colours brings a smile. 

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