Looking for an Essential Skin Polishing Facial Scrub?


Everyone wishes to have flawless and smooth skin but due to the rise in pollution and stressful lifestyle, it has become challenging to maintain a fresh, young and beautiful look. Perhaps not. By adding an essential skin polishing facial scrub along with anti-aging cream in your beauty regime will help you achieve the desire. 

Why Exfoliation is Important?

The skin appears dull, dry and lifeless when old and dead skin is present on the surface. Since cell regeneration is a continuous process, which generates a newer layer of skin just below the surface of the skin. Dead skin cells on the skin’s surface need removal by using scrubs or skin polishing cream for the overall health of the skin. Usually, when dead skin, dirt and other pollutants stay longer, the skin develops rashes like acne and blemishes. Therefore, the application of creams, lotions and anti-rash cream further worsens the situation. On the other hand, once proper exfoliation is done and the dead skin is removed from the surface, skin starts looking fresh and younger. Thus every skin needs scrubbing to unclog the pores by clearing the dirt, excess oil and other impurities. Cleared pores allow the skin to breathe and allow moisturizers and other beauty products like anti-aging cream or anti-rash cream to gain deeper reach. 

Where to Find the Best Skin Polishing Facial Scrub?

The online and offline stores are full of beauty products with different formulations but finding a natural product is crucial. A natural product containing no harmful substance makes your skin happy and healthy at least what your skin deserves. Although many essential brands are functioning to provide completely natural products and BIOAYURVEDA is the most trusted and finest among them. It provides the luxurious Ayurveda beauty products that are formulated with high-quality, natural and organic ingredients. Age Perfect Polishing Face Scrub Cream by BIOAYURVEDA is formulated to exfoliate, revitalize and refresh. This skin polishing cream unclogs pores and clears blackheads. Helpful in removing dead cells, increasing circulation, correcting uneven skin tone and enabling repair, this skin polishing facial scrub also enables cellular regeneration.

What Are the Expected Benefits?

Age Perfect Polishing Face Scrub Cream doesn’t only help in removing dead skin and impurities but also delivers various other benefits to the skin such as cleansing and brightening, providing deep nourishment, removing dark patches and acne scars and leave your skin with a glowing and smooth texture. 

What Makes It the Best Skin Polishing Facial Scrub Cream?

Age Perfect Polishing Face Scrub Cream contains completely natural and highly regarded ingredients that are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. The inclusion of these organic and pure ingredients ensures no harm to the skin and makes it the best exfoliating face scrub. The following are the ingredients used in the formulation. 

1) Walnut: Walnut has anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help to repair damaged skin, fight against acne, pimples, and wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity and texture. It delays aging, enhances youthful suppleness by its nourishing actions.

2) Sandalwood Oil: It has cleansing and lightening properties that fade out acne scars, blemishes, and dark marks, smooth out discolorations and reduce tan. It curbs itchiness and redness and helps to get rid of infections with its cooling and moisturizing effects.

3) Coconut: It is high in vitamins and minerals, tightens and firms the skin, protects from UV rays, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With its nourishing properties, it helps fight free radicals and boost collagen levels.

4) Chick Pea: It reduces fine lines, dark spots and dullness with its cleansing and clarifying properties. It fights against free radicals, invigorates the skin cells, balances the pH levels and counters the effect of harsh chemicals.

5) Turmeric: Packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Being a great therapeutic herb, it fights fungal infections, free radicals and toxins. It works as a protective barrier against sun damage and aging.

6) Mangosteen: Rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidants, it nurtures and protects the skin cells, restores suppleness and deeply hydrates skin, improves the skin tone and elasticity, and enables healthy cell regeneration.

7) Saffron: It stimulates blood circulation, clears blemishes, increases skin brightness, improves the skin tone and enhances oxygen flow to the skin. With its healing properties, it is effective in treating acne breakouts, repairing skin damage, and promoting natural glow and freshness.

8) Margosa: High regarded herb, has anti-bacterial, anti-aging, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. It cleanses the dead cells and impurities from the skin surface, promotes the renewal of skin cells, prevents pimples, redness and scars, and improves skin texture and elasticity.

9) Orange: It is high in vitamin C, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and citric acid. It unclogs pores, prevents acne and breakouts, and reduces blemishes and dark spots. It provides nourished, refreshed and soft radiance look. 

10) Vetiver: It is widely used in anti-aging creams due to its anti-aging, anti-oxidant actions. It reduces dark spots and blemishes, promotes skin texture and even skin tone. Cooling and nourishing, it protects the skin from environmental stress and delivers firmer and youthful appearance.

11) Rose: It boosts collagen, tightens pores, reduces skin imperfections, maintains the firmness and leaves the skin youthful and refreshed. It provides intense hydration to promote even skin tone and healthy complexion. 


Furthermore, having an essential skin polishing cream in your beauty regime is very important. There is a common saying, that the skin speaks loudly about your health and persona, so if you desire to have healthier, younger and youthful look for tomorrow, you must start caring about your skin from today. And choosing Ayurveda beauty products over synthetics can assure reliability, purity and efficacy. 

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