Long-Lasting Benefits of Vehicle Wraps Advertising For Your Business

by Dragon Signs Leading UK Signage

Digital VS Traditional Marketing 

With continuous innovation in printing technology and constant demand for innovation in marketing, the world of advertisement takes a new leap every decade. A marketing strategy 5 years ago will go redundant in today‚Äôs time and we find ourselves amid the digital era where one gets personalised ads while browsing through laptops, smartphones, and tabs. The incredible rise of digital marketing makes you think the older forms are useless. However, that is not the case.  

Whenever something new overtakes the old, the latter gets obsolete in no time. Many of the successful traditional forms of advertising are finding it difficult to adjust their footing to the realities of digital marketing. Many newspaper agencies have left the printing world and successfully transformed themselves into digital mediums. While some traditional forms of marketing need to adapt to survive, others successfully retain their ever-green presence such as various forms of signages and vehicle wraps.   

The History of Vehicle Graphics in a Nutshell 

The history of vehicle graphics goes back to Roman times and beyond. Here is something that you will find interesting: 

  • The first commercial use of full vehicle wrap is credited to PepsiCo in 1993. 

  • Standard Oil (1870) & Kellog(1906) used to advertise through locomotive trains with billboards long before spray paint was invented. 

  • Marketing events and promotions through van wraps became a trend in the 1940s. 

The future of vehicle graphics and van graphics design looks bright with the state-of-the-art vehicle graphics produced in a fast turnaround. The holy trinity of digital print, fade-resistant ink, and compliant adhesive vinyl continues to produce stunning results that capture the attention of the audience. If you have never used vehicle graphics before, well this is the time to capitalise and make an impression on the audience you always wanted.

3 Ways Vehicle Graphics Help You to Stand Out 

#1 Unlimited Exposure 

One of the reasons why many business owners love to wrap their company vehicles and fleets is that every time they are driven, their brand gets additional exposure.

Be it market places, busy intersections, highways, or freeways, continuous exposure during the holiday and festive season are one of the best ways to catch the attention of an audience. This kind of exposure is important for a company to get its brand directly talked to the public by employing advertising on the go. The best part about vehicle graphics is they accomplish their presence to the general public in a very unobtrusive way. If you are looking for car wrapping Cardiff services, then look no further than Dragon Signs that can successfully meet your requirements. 

#2 Unlimited Impressions 

The number of impressions you will be making will be staggering wherever you will be taking your vehicles wrapped in graphics. Spread the word about your brand and what it has to offer with a wide range of vehicle wraps each suited to your budget and preferences. When you start to compare the actual cost of the car wrap to the number of impressions, you will soon find that it's worth making the investment. 

Let the numbers do the talking: 

  • On average, you can reach up to 5-10k impressions daily. 

  • Max it out for 30 days and it's about 50k-60k views a month. 

  • Throughout the entire year, it's a staggering 8-10 million views depending upon the strategy you undertake. 

Vehicle graphics are getting all the better with the latest printing advancements. Certainly cheaper than yellow pages and billboard ads, it is a high-performance ROI marketing tool that gets the job done wherever you take your vehicle. 

#3 Easy to Change & Cost-Effective 

The wraps are super easy to be removed from the vehicles and a brand new one can be applied when you are switching your marketing strategy to something new. You can always try out different wrappers depending on the needs and occasion. 


Not everyone can spend huge amounts of marketing budget whenever they wish to. This is especially true for small to medium-sized businesses that want to play smart and be creative when approaching potential audiences in a competitive area. Print, radio, and television ads are on the decline because they are expensive and a business only gets one chance to impress. By comparison, vehicle wraps are consumer-friendly that can be refreshed, revised, and reposted depending on the needs and wants of the customer. It is easily accessible to businesses around the city and is one of the best tools for gaining exposure. Part of its popularity is because of its cost-effectiveness which will continue to successfully rival television ads. 

Wrapping Up 

Vehicle wrapping Cardiff services are made easy with Dragon Signs. There are many benefits of wrapping your commercial vehicle which is why you should team up with Dragon Cardiff Signs. The best in the printing business and leading sign maker in Wales, Dragon Signs provides consumer-friendly and cost-effective vehicle wraps for cars, vans, trucks, trailers, and even boats. Be it any budget or preference, they will get the job done for you for the recognition you deserve. With the ease of customisation and vehicle wrapped in fast-turnaround time, visit the Dragon Signs website to know more about what they have in store for you.

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