Local SEO Strategy: 7 Content Types That May Help

by Brainpulse Technologies Digital Marketing Company
Like standard SEO practices, local SEO is also changed at an extent. Strategies that looked perfect years back are now stale and obsolete. You can’t still win by adding NAP to the footer and creating some random directory links.

Adding to your stress, Google dropped 7-pack reduced to a 3-pack. And local directory links are not going to bring much difference.

So what’s next?

To embrace and push up your local rankings, it’s time to freshen up your content strategy. Curate local content that serves your local buyers.

You may rank for Best shoes online. But if your services are focused for your local buyers in Queensland, ‘best shoes online in Queensland’ is an ideal keyword. It could spike your sale.  If you can create local content for your buyers, you can see considerable surge in traffic.

In this article on Local SEO services, we are going to take up different content types that may help you create better engagement and business relationship with the target customers. 

1. Create City-Specific Landing Pages:

You may off course win local customers without creating a city specific landing page. But it requires incessant efforts and resources. On the other hand, a city specific web page makes it quite easier.

The idea is- it’s much easier to rank in local markets with location specific landing pages. If you have a multi-location local business, you should create separate page for each location.

Here is a caveat:  If you’re local business is relatively smaller, avoid creating separate local websites for different locations could be resource draining and time consuming.  Having one page per location is more than fine.

2. FAQ Pages

Your customers need answers for their queries before buying. FAQs can be a great way to present important information in an organized way. Provide collection of valuable information to your local customers about your products and services.

These FAQs may contain answers for the questions, your local buyers often ask.

These pages may help businesses to improve customer’s experience and ensure quick information. This may enable them to make quick and right purchase decisions. This eventually improves visibility of your local business on Google and other search engines.
3. Content offering Freebies

Freebies are all time favorites for all. Local business owners may use appealing and jaw dropping discounts to their customers. Create discounts, special offers and freebies for your local customizers. Personalize these offerings as per their need.

Provide them exactly what they need. A location specific discount will make your local customers feel special. It will engage them more and connect them more. If you will make them happy, they will make you happy.

4. Announce Hosting Local Events:

It’s always a fresh idea to host events in local vicinity and tell your customers about this. Local businesses always have an opportunity create online events to drive more awareness. They must utilize it. Remember- don’t forget to publish the same on your website. If you skip, you may end up losing a handsome traffic coming your way. This isn’t a hard and fast trick. You may skip it to follow other methods in the list.

5. Blog on a Regular Basis:

A local business can ensure a better reach with a supporting blog. If your focus is on local search rankings, you must have a blog. An active blog can grow your rankings. But the question is what to blog about. And it’s quite simple.

You can blog about new location announcement. Tell your buyers if you have just shifted to a spacious office. Explain the reasons behind the shifting and several good vibes you experienced working here.

Discuss pricing of the products with your audience via blog may help. Whether it’s price drop or surge, don’t forget to tell your buyers using the blog. Explain them what led to the price change and how it will influence their buying decisions.  In case you are launching a new product, write about the announcement. Tell your local users why this product was needed and how it can address their pinpoints.

6. Create a list or Guide:

Top 10 list article or user guide have been asset for users whether you’re offering standard SEO services or local SEO. Use ‘top X’, ‘How To’ or ‘Guides’ to educate your customers in depth information about related topics they are looking at. For instance, crop top stores may create a guide to tell buyers about how to wash such clothes so they could last longer.

7. Partner with Local Events

It’s daunting for local businesses to host their own events. Instead, they can associate with third party events. There are many ways they can do it. They can sponsor an event, provide gift hampers or movie coupons to the participants or offer them free access to upcoming webinars. Sponsoring an event may be a great tool to acquire high authority back links from the organizers of the event.

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