Limit Caffeine Intake For A Better Sleep

by Lewis Carroll specialist in the field of sleep disturbances

Exceeding the recommended limit of coffee intake in a day can cause sleep disorders. Effective sleep medications and therapy can treat such ailments efficiently

Getting up early in the morning is a natural habit. But, getting up for the day can be encouraged with a cup of coffee every day. Coffee is a brewed beverage prepared from roasted coffee beans, which contain caffeine. There are other sources of caffeine, which include cocoa, black and green tea leaves, kola nuts, and cola soft drinks. 

Caffeine is mostly consumed in the form of coffee. As per a research, around 70 million cups of coffee per day are consumed in the UK. Though caffeine is a natural stimulant for improving alertness, but exceeding the limit can cause severe health complications. 

Caffeine Promotes Activeness

Caffeine functions like a stimulator to improve alertness and wakefulness. The human body produces adenosine, which is responsible for generating drowsiness and sleepiness. Caffeine blocks the flow of adenosine and helps in alleviating drowsiness, thus promoting activeness. 

It enters the bloodstreams quickly and starts working within 5 to 10 minutes. It takes 3 to 5 hours for the body to release half of the substance out of it and the rest can stay inside for longer. 

The recommended intake of caffeine, which is 50mg to 200mg and it can help in elevating mental performance. However, the exceeding the limit can cause several health complications. 

Avoid Exceeding the Limit

Consuming caffeine in excessively can cause several health issues. This may include diarrhoea, sweating, increased heart rate, and muscle twitchings. 

Caffeine, if taken on the regular basis, the limit can be exceeded day by day. Due to this, the body gets tolerant to it and it no longer works as a stimulator. Exceeding the limit can cause sleep deprivation as it will block the adenosine receptor to generate drowsiness.

Individuals taking caffeine in an extended limit may often found themselves falling asleep quite later during the night hours. Sleep deprivation can lead to sleep disorder and it can adversely affect professional and personal life as well. 

One should avoid taking caffeine for more than 4 cups a day. Exceeding this limit may lead to sleep disorders. In such cases, one has to reduce the intake to obtain a better sleep. This ailment can be treated best with effective and cheap sleeping tablets. One can take these sleep aid medications to attain a sound sleep as well as avoid withdrawal symptoms of caffeine. Cheap sleeping tablets can help in stimulating drowsiness and improving the sleep quota. 

Limiting the caffeine and taking cheap sleeping tablets can help in fighting sleep disorder. Proper sleep can help in managing a healthy lifestyle as well. 

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