Deficiency Of Vitamin B12 Can Cause Insomnia

by Lewis Carroll specialist in the field of sleep disturbances

Lack of Vitamin B12 can cause neurological imbalances, which may lead to insomnia. However, proper benzodiazepine medications can treat the ailment effectively


A healthy human body requires all the nutrients in the right proportion to continue all the biological processes efficiently. Meanwhile, deficiency of a certain element may lead to several health complications. In this context, individuals with the lack of Vitamin B12 may have to suffer a number of physical and mental disorders, including insomnia. 

In many cases, symptoms of low Vitamin B12 are often mistaken for folate deficiency and the individuals remain untreated of the ailment. One should be aware of the signs which indicate the onset of such deficiency in the body.  

Deficiency Of Vitamin B12: Symptoms

Individuals with the lack of Vitamin B12 can be diagnosed on the basis of the following symptoms:-

        Deficiency of this nutrient can affect the production of red blood cells in the body. It can further affect the formation of bilirubin, which provides colour to the skin and the eyes. In such case, lack of Vitamin B12 may lead to the pale and peaky skin.


        Individuals suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin B12 are often found to be weak and sick. This nutrient stimulates the supply of oxygen in the bloodstreams. Deficiency of such leads to dizziness, breathlessness, weakness, fatigue, and sometimes anaemia, too.


        Another symptom is paraesthesia, which is the sensation of pins and needles. It is a type of neurological symptom of low Vitamin B12 in the body. Other signs may include, disturbed vision, lack of bodily coordination, inflamed tongue, and mouth ulcers.


Insomnia Caused By Lack Of Vitamin B12

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 affects the function of the central nervous system as well. A mental symptom of such disbalances is depression. This mental disturbance is one of the major causes of insomnia. Moreover, lack of this nutrient affects the production of melatonin, which is an essential element to regulate the circadian rhythm of the body. This can disturb the sleep pattern and one may suffer from acute sleep deprivation, leading towards insomnia.

How Much Is Vitamin B12 Required?

Experts and medical professionals have recommended the minimum amount of Vitamin B12,  which one should take to avoid the complications with its deficiency.

One can go through the following to find the suitable amount as per the age:-



Vitamin B12 in micrograms (mcg)

Infants up to the age of 6 months

0.4 mcg

Babies of 7 to 12 months

0.5 mcg

Children of 1 to 3 years

0.9 mcg

Children of 4 to 8 years

1.8 mcg

Teenagers from the age group of 14 to 18 years

2.4 mcg


2.4 mcg


Moreover, pregnant women are recommended to take 2.6 mcg and breastfeeding one to take at least 2.8 mcg of Vitamin B12 to meet the requisite amount and prevent its deficiency as well.

Effective Treatment For Insomnia

Although taking Vitamin B12 in the recommended quantity can help fight sleep disorders or insomnia, medicines composed of an active component called benzodiazepine are another effective treatment. Individuals can get Diazepam or Xanax sleeping pills online from trusted medicine suppliers and get symptomatic relief from such ailment efficiently. These medicines are quite effective in reducing the transmission of anxiety signals and induce deep slumbers. These sleeping pills are available at pocket-friendly prices and one can get generic medicines after consulting with an expert available online.

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes insomnia. Taking these nutrients in the recommended amount and effective sleeping pills can help fight insomnia efficiently. 

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