Like Surfing? Why Should You Consider Buying Sun Protection Swimwear?

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Beaches are the perfect place to hang out during summers, beaches are fun, and sandcastles, water surfing, snorkeling, and other water activities complete our vacation. Who doesn't love beaches? To experience an endearing experience at the beach, comfortable clothes and the right accessories are important. Summer and cotton clothes don't suffice to get that additional comfort and sun protection. Sunscreens don't last long and don't suffice either. That is where Sun protection swimwear comes to play. This article helps you dive into the features of Sun protection swimwear and its significance, especially if you are a surfer.

 Sun protection swimwear

What's so special with Women's rash guard swimwear?


Unlike normal swimsuits, rash guard swimwear and dresses come with special fabrics that shield your skin from harsh UV rays.


Unlike cotton shirts and swimsuits, the fabrics of sun protection swimwear are far more effective for swimming, and they don't break down in chlorinated water, nor do they lose fibers. Over time normal swimsuits become harbor bacteria and can be stingy. These specialized swimsuits don't work that way; they are highly suitable for swimming and durable.

The rash guard swimwear is designed with careful consideration so that it doesn't hinder you while swimming. They move with you.


The technology behind the rash guard swimwear:


These clothes are manufactured in a special method and carefully treated with UV-inhibiting ingredients. Moreover, these fabrics showcase the UV blocking properties by inheriting a particular fiber structure, building weaving density, utilizing the selective dye components, and significant others. The manufacturers generally choose heavy-weight natural fibers for manufacturing these fabrics, including cotton, linen, hemp, spandex, etc. These fabrics are carefully designed with advanced technology to provide higher sun protection while offering reasonable breathability and flexibility.


A leading brand like Lands' End is known for its series of high-performance rash guards while not compromising comfort, fitness, and smooth textural appearance.

Women's rash guard swimwear


How should you choose the right fit for yourself?


You might have a series of questions before purchasing; knowing the varied styles and features help you far before you take any further steps. If you are too concerned regarding the ventilation, you should prefer the suits with a zip that helps you adjust the ventilation.


If you are a surfer, go for slim-fit suits with a curved hemline. Look for the stand-up collars in your swimwear if you like to have convenient support for your neck. Likewise, slim-fit dresses offer higher flexibility and feel light in water.


Look for the rating of the Sun protection swimwear. The rating is the key when you are concerned about completely blocking the sun's rays. The UPF rating starts from 15 and is available up until 50, where 50+ swimwear effectively blocks the sun's harmful radiation. Especially people with sensitive skin and allergenic to sand and chlorinated water consider these a boon.




If you have found your love for surfing, a high-performance, SPF quick drying swimwear must be on your checklist next to a surfing board. These are a must to protect your body from harmful sun rays. After all, you don't want to visit your dermatologist for sunburn right after a vacation.

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