Like A Griffin, We Rise

by Vestrics Solutions Vestrics
You know what we need? We need to be great again. As a country, as people, we need to rise. We need to take back the great stance we were once known for. The golden bird. India. We were robbed of the glory we once had. Like an eagle, pinned down in the dust. Lowly and pitiable. We need to see those heights again. We have been taking over the world by the day, with our will and determination; it’s almost as if the realisation isn’t far. But a look at the reality is depressing.
India is the seventh largest country with respect to its area, but is one of the most populated country, second only to china. These are staggering figures. Not just the figures, but the consequences it encapsulates are equally worrying. We need to work harder and longer per capita than any other western country for the same standard of living. We have our minds and resources, but catering to the needs of such a huge population is a challenge in itself. We needs employment more than ever. We have the man power, people with skill. And all these elite professionals running off to serve the other countries for a better salary package and better standards of living, is not helping at all. It’s a vicious circle. The country won’t progress unless they take an initiative, and they won’t sabotage their career for a country which is not developed. We desperately need employers, people who create jobs. Jobs for the masses, so they can upgrade their standard of living.
We need to bring in the big guns to handle a problem this large. The SMEs or the small and medium sized enterprises. They serve as great nucleus to employment for easily up to 300 people. Which is a lot by any standards. The only problem with this endeavour is how to set them up. To make these SMEs work, we need to ensure the availability of proper resources. One of the most important one is ERPs or the enterprise resource planning system. ERP for SME’s play a very crucial role in their development and growth. It is the most crucial ingredient for the soup our country needs so desperately. That is where we come in. We provide ERPs to such SMEs and do our part towards the economic betterment of the nation. Not only this, but we also provide ecommerce solution integration with SAP, which is the German multinational responsible for the ERPs, to ensure the smooth running of SMEs.
Our country is in the claws of unemployment, poverty, and sub standards. It makes me ache to see what we could be. With all the potential in us, we could be anything. The masters of all creation. But this becomes possible only when we realise that there are certain things that need to be changed for the better, some things that need to be brought into picture because their potential was originally underestimated. Log on to our website for more information on ERPs and SMEs. Feel free to drop your suggestions or contact us. Together, let’s build a greater nation, let’s make the eagle fly again.

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