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Living near water has been favoured by many people years, and is said to boast many benefits. How many places proximity to water used to be essential for our ancestors to be able to wash, clean, as well as use the water to drink. In this modern day and age, living in close proximity to water is considered favourable as it gives people and enhances the sense of being closer to nature. 

If a thought of living near water has crossed your mind, you may have come to assess options such as houseboats, or even living in temporary properties that use a network of stilts to withhold a the home above the water.

Houseboats explained

Houseboats are specifically designed to be self-propelled, meaning that they are able to move. Houseboats are a great way for people who want to have a place of residence on the water. It is worth noting that houseboats are dissimilar to floating homes, which are attached to a specific community of water-based homes, usually in a marina, and do not have the ability to be self-moving.

There are many benefits to houseboats, including their ease of connection and disconnection from the marina but has marinas water, sewage, and electricity supplies. This is one of the main reasons why houseboats are the chosen paper for many people looking to have a vacation on a lake or on a river for a specific period of time. Compared with static floating homes, houseboats are usually very inexpensive in comparison, however, floating homes usually come equipped with a lot more floor space.

 In summary, houseboats have a huge range of perks that are usually associated with micro-homes, and also, have the advantageous ability to be transported across the water.

Houseboat Lifestyle

One of the reasons people decide to up sticks and moved-in on the water houseboats is the lifestyle that is associated with it. Unlike traditional homes, houseboats do not require extensive maintenance such as gardening. Many people enjoy the tranquillity of living on a houseboat, with the sounds of passing water helping many to feel more in touch with nature.

Investing in a Houseboat

The houseboat market is usually quite illiquid compared with traditional land housing markets. This is why the prices of houseboats tend to remain relatively high. Has this may prove to be a great idea if you are looking for investment opportunities, as the limited markets mean you will usually make a satisfactory return on your investment in years to come.


As houseboats are not considered the same as traditional land housing, there is no delegated property tax that is required by you to pay. However, like cars, houseboats do require a form of personal property tax.

The views

As you will constantly move, your houseboat lifestyle will give you the advantage of constantly being in touch with the beauty of nature. Everything from lush pastures, dense forests, hilltop scenery, and constant access to sunrises and sunsets on a daily basis will help you feel a constant sense of being refreshed. It could be said that the views will prove to be beneficial to your well-being as there will be a huge reduction in sightings of modern-day eyesores such as industrial factories.


As the water grow naturally and gently move your houseboat, you will most definitely be feeling relaxed every night when you go to sleep. This, coupled with the abundance of fresh, clean air is one of the main reasons why many people choose to live on houseboats, abandoning their original lives in busy towns and cities.


With your houseboats, you will be inevitably confined to a small space. However, this is often seen as an advantage as many residents on houseboats tends to have less clutter, meaning they are able to streamline their living space.

The Wildlife

Depending on your location, you will be able to witness a vast array of wildlife on a daily basis. Some of the wildlife you will be able to view includes otters, dolphins, Wales, turtles, as well as many variety of land animal such birds’ prey and wild deer, and depending on where your houseboat resides, you may be able to have easy access to water-based activities such as snorkelling which will allow you to dive into the surrounding waters to explore underwater wildlife.

Environmentally friendly

In this modern day and age, many people are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint, and this is a big reason why many people choose to live in houseboats. Houseboats are well-known to be extremely environmentally friendly, as they require much fewer resources such as fuel and electricity to be operated.


Many people who live in traditional land housing have made daily commute to and from work, school, and to the shops. However, many people who reside in houseboats do not have the same issues associated with commuting, include such as traffic. Many houseboat residents either work from their water-based home or dock into their nearest town and walk or cycle to their place of work or shopping facilities.

Starting to make a lot of change and living in houseboats may not be the ideal scenario for many people, as there is limited living space, reducing the number of facilities that you would get with traditional land housing including a garage. Second, you may be required to live much closer to neighbouring houseboats residents, and you may need to walk or cycle on a daily basis in order to retrieve food and other supplies for your underwater lifestyle. However, for many people who choose to live in houseboats, these “issues” become irrelevant over time as they are significantly outweighed by the advantages that come with an underwater lifestyle, such as fresher clean air, being in touch with nature, and travelled living in a more tranquil environment.

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