Licensed Branson Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing Company Offers Winter Cleaning

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Exterior Pro Wash reflected today on their relocation and launch in the Branson and Springfield, Missouri, area over six years ago. With their arrival, they gave commercial and residential property owners their only chance to have a warranty on composite roof cleaning, clay tile roof cleaning, and metal or asphalt shingle roof cleaning.

To keep costs down and offer more competitive pricing on roof cleaning, some companies only spot clean roof sections where the algae, moss, or lichen are visible. Spot cleaning does not work. If dark streaks are already visible on the roof, then its highly probable the entire roof has some algae on it. A partial cleaning does not solve the problem for the owner of the roof. A roof cleaning warranty assures you as the property owner that your roof has been thoroughly cleaned. Your professionally cleaned roof will remain spot free for three years, or those areas will be cleaned again for free.

The darkest discoloration or heaviest algae often appears on northern and western exposures. Those sections of a roof are usually more shaded and tend to retain moisture from dew, rain, and snow for more extended periods. For this reason, tree-shaded sections of homes or businesses are also more susceptible to the first signs of algae staining.

Roof cleaning became popular once roofing manufacturers began to add limestone fillers to their asphalt shingles. The limestone helps weigh the shingles down, but it also provided a food source for the airborne algae. The growing algae cause the ugly black streaking, which is the first sign of a dirty and algae stained roof. In the past, owners had to replace their roofs to rid themselves of the destructive black streaking. A new roof can cost 30 times the price of a professional roof cleaning in Springfield. It is more cost-effective to have a composite roof, clay tile roof, or an asphalt shingle roof cleaned.

Once your roof starts getting black streaks, it should be cleaned, or the harmful algae will spread over your entire roof. A professional roof cleaning does not void any existing manufacturers' warranty, a property you may still have on your roof. Experts say, "considering the price of a roof replacement in Missouri, a roof cleaning makes sense and a lighter-colored roof can also lower your cooling costs."

Audra Miller, Co-Owner of Exterior Pro Wash, says: "Calls about our roof cleaning services usually fall into three categories. We get property owners who hate the look of their dirty roof and the image it presents to others. We also have those who want to sell a property with a dirty roof. Lastly, we get calls from home or business owners who are dealing with property insurance problems."

"Everyday, we see more and more homeowners and commercial property insurance companies who will not insure or renew coverage on dirty roofs. They consider roofs with algae to be a pre-existing condition. This presents a real problem to the property owners", says Audra.

To get top-dollar for the sale of a residential or commercial property, its highly recommend you get a free property assessment done by a reputable exterior cleaning company. Any work suggested should be done before calling in a realtor or getting realtor photos taken. First impressions are hard to change, and its never advisable to have pictures of your dirty roof, your dirty home, or your dark and dingy driveway online trying to entice prospective buyers. One of the cheapest home improvements you can make is to have your driveway and sidewalk cleaned. Newly cleaned concrete can dramatically brighten up your property.

Audra said, "one of the most successful realtors in the Tri-Lakes area said two things to me that I'll never forget. She told me the 'shiniest penny' always sells first. She also shared that when buyers see a dirty home or building when they pull up to a property, they look more critically at the inside. A dirty exterior gives the impression of a neglected home or business, one that has not been maintained. Because I often get calls about roof issues, I understood what she meant. Potential buyers often think a dirty roof needs to be replaced. They will even try to negotiate for the cost of a new roof before buying".  

Exterior Pro Wash offers a transferable warranty on their roof cleaning services providing peace of mind to all of their clients. 

People want to know what the best time of year for a roof cleaning is. Audra told us anytime - even winter - as long as temperatures are in the mid-'40s. She said if you have much landscaping, it's recommended you have a fall, winter, or early spring roof cleaning. During those seasons, shrubbery is sparse, and flower beds are empty, making them easier to work around. Most roofs are cleaned, and house washes are done in late spring and summer, so Exterior Pro Wash is used to protecting and working around bushes and flowers. She promised your landscaping w

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