Learning the Acoustic Guitar Quickly Pt 3

by Abhinav G. Movie Enthusiast

10 - Take the time to learn different barre chords in addition to open chords. You should not skip learning barre chords simply because they are more difficult for you to master. As with the process of developing fingertip calluses, the more that you play and practice, the easier all of this is going to become. Barring chords is going to be nearly entirely dependent on the strength that you have in your fret hand.

11 - Take the time to build up all of the muscles in the fret hand. The way that you can achieve this is by squeezing a tennis ball or some other similar object for a period of five minutes at a time several times a day. Be careful that you do not develop repetitive stress syndrome in the process, however. A couple of times per day should be all that you need until your fret hand becomes stronger.

12 - Do not be afraid to become a little frustrated. It is completely normal and largely inevitable. There are a lot of things that are bound to make you feel a little bit frustrated along the way while you are learning to play the guitar. Simply keep working on it and before you even know it you will be achieving whatever was preventing you before.

13 - Bring your guitar with you anywhere you might be sitting, watching, or waiting on someone or something. Having your guitar with you will give you something to do and will promote your playing ability when starting out. You will also help build fingertip calluses, which are important. Something else you can practice by having your guitar with you all the time is string pressing along with proper chord formation.

14 - Practice, then practice more, and then find time to practice even more. The saying "Practice Makes Perfect" is true when it comes to learning the guitar. When you are practicing you should be striving for high quality, rather than simply practicing in a sloppy manner in order to pass the time. If you practice in a sloppy manner then you are going to end up reinforcing bad habits, making them more permanent.

15 - Play your favorite CDs and play along with your favorite songs. A CD player happens to be an excellent tool for learning music because you can rewind and repeat songs or parts of songs until you can figure out just how to play a specific riff that really interests you. A portable walk man will go a long way in helping you learn how to play the guitar by giving you access to the music that you truly have an interest in learning. This is one of the best ways that you can practice the guitar, and it will give you incentive to keep learning and keep practicing so that you can learn all of your favorite songs.

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