Learn to Create Sentence Structure Through Spoken English Class Online

by Rudra Prakash Online Spoken English Class

English fluency is not just only about grammar. It is also about correct sentence structure and good vocabulary. If you improve your sentence structure by learning appropriate sentences from your surroundings, your english will automatically get better. And to make it better you can join an online spoken english class.

What are the ways to improve your English sentence structure?

Take in as much English as you possibly can

You will get English all around you so see and understand as much as you possibly can. You can find English in social media, magazines, books, televisions, blogs, or even instruction manuals. You can read English on everything to learn new words or ideas.

You will notice instructions in english on shampoo bottles, mobile phone handbooks, websites, on food packaging. You will find it everywhere and pick up a lot of phrases and information from these unusual sources. Apart from this if you join an english speaking online course you will get some study materials that you can download from the website and read them.  

Read something everyday

Decide to read something in English. Read it out loud to get a better understanding of the pronunciation. We often believe we know how to pronounce something until we have to say it out loud.

You can read a blog, a short story, a speech, an essay, a book, or a magazine. In an online fluent english speaking course, you will get the chance of reading on any topic in the presence of an online teacher who can rectify your mistakes if you make mistakes in reading.

Practice make sentences

Avoid learning too many new words at once. You may not remember all of them. Each day, learn up to two new words and make several sentences with them. To learn various unfamiliar terms, make some phrases long and some short.

Practice is the key to success. It's pointless to make twenty sentences with a single word and then never look at it again. Return to previous words at random and build new phrases with them.

Write on some topics every week

Thinking in English is vital for English fluency. Wring is a good method of creating this thinking. Choose any topic yourself, write something about it and then read it aloud. Writing your thoughts and reading them aloud will help you boost your fluency in the long run. 

You can read your written text regularly and also try to upgrade it by using new words you have learned. The experienced teachers of an online spoken english class will give you the topic to write and will even check your writing. They will tell you the mistakes done by you in the writing and explain them properly.

Speak in English to at least five people every week

You cannot expect to be fluent in english without speaking it. Each week, find five good English speakers with whom you can converse. It is not necessary for them to be the same five people every week. 

Continue speaking with someone whose English is better than yours. This is the best way of improving your sentence structure. In english speaking online courses, you will get the opportunity to speak with your teacher and friends during classes. So, joining an online spoken English class will be the best idea. 

Don’t translate from your native sentence

If you just cease translating sentences from your native language, you will need to learn less grammar. The sentence structure varies by language. As a result, sentences that are directly translated will always sound inappropriate.

So, regardless of translation, understand English sentence structure. You will sound significantly better.

Records the lectures of the teacher and listen

Listening is a vital part of learning english. It makes the words and sentences more original and catchy. You can learn how to pronounce and also how to construct sentences. 

Record the speech or lectures that your teacher in an online spoken english class and listen to them. The more times you are introduced to a word or phrase, the better the chances of recalling it.


You cannot learn English solely by practising the above-mentioned list, but if you have improved in some areas, you will feel more confident in more technical areas such as grammar. You will also be able to understand grammar rules in your prior knowledge. You can also join an online spoken english class to learn how to construct sentences properly and be fluent in English.

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