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History of JAVA

Sun Microsystems introduced java programming language in the year 1995. Firstly, this programming language was named OAK when it was firstly introduced. However, OAK was already taken and registered by another organization. Then, the name JAVA came to represent this programming language. You can see in JAVA’s logo, a cup of coffee. The designer of JAVA programming language was Gems Gosling. In January 27, 2010 it was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Java programming language is a universal programming language. The history of versions of JAVA is presented in the table below.

Version                     Release Date

JDK  1.0

January 23, 1996

JDK  1.1

February 19,1997

J2SE  1.2

December 8, 1998

J2SE  1.3

MAY 8, 2000

J2SE  1.4

February 6, 2002

J2SE 5.0

September 30, 2004


December 11, 2006


July 28, 2011


March 18, 2014


September 21, 2017


March 20, 2018


What is JAVA?

It is a programming language and computing platform that was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is used to develop software, web applications, android application etc. You can run java software in any system. Java programming language uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which compiles our program and generates a byte code. This code can run on any system.  This programming language is quite safe to use. Once the program is successfully compiled and generated a byte code which cannot be changed afterwards. It is a flexible programming language.

JAVA Platforms (Java Training in Noida)

The 3 platforms of Java programming language are as follows:

JAVA SE: JAVA Standard Edition is optimized to develop stand-alone application. It is the base version of Java. Every beginner should pursue this course. It is also recognized as J2SE. It is used to develop desktop applications as well.

JAVA EE: JAVA Enterprises Edition is used to develop server side components. It is also recognized as J2EE.

JAVA ME: JAVA Micro Edition is used to develop mobile based application. It is mostly known as J2ME. It is used to develop android mobile applications as well.

Why You Should Learn Java Programming Language? (Java Training in Noida)

Mostly students select Java programming language as their first programming language to make successful programming career. So, why one should pursue Java training course? Well it undoubtedly is the mostly used and a popular programming language. Do you know that around 3 billion devices are run by JAVA? JAVA has a huge part to play in today’s world of technology. Once you learn it you open loads of job opportunities for yourself. Java programming language is quite easy to hone. If you are determined to become an android developer, you should learn Java because most of the android applications are developed under Java. Select Java if you’re planning to start learning a programming language soon. It is a universal programming language.

Which is the best company for Java Training in Noida?

If you made your mind to learn Java programming language then choose Aptron Solutions. Aptron Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the one of the best companies for Java Training in Noida.

  • Aptron Solutions started its journey 15 years ago and offered participants Java Training in Noida since.

  • Aptron Solutions is ISO 9001:2008 certified company that gives Java Training in Noida.

  • Unlike any other Institute, Aptron Solutions provides certification by ORACLE.

  • Aptron Solutions’ training encompasses practical knowledge which is vital for a developer. Individual with only academic knowledge doesn’t even stand a chance to stay in the industry.

  • Aptron Solutions provides job-oriented training and certification in Noida.

  • Aptron Solutions assists aspirants to get excellent placement in MNCs.

  • Aptron Solutions gives summer training as well as winter training for Java in Noida.

Aptron Solutions is the only company that provides the best java training in Noida. Along with several facilities related to JAVA training in Noida which are as follows…

  • Classroom Java Training in Noida

  • Online Java Training in Noida

  • Summer Java Training in Noida

  • Winter Java Training in Noida

  • Campus Java Training in Noida

  • Industrial Java Training in Noida

  • Project Based Java Training in Noida

  • Corporate Java Training in Noida

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