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The Spanish language is also known as the Castilian language. It is a Romance language that derived in the Castile region of Spain. This language has hundreds of millions of native speakers all around the world. This language is considered the world's second highly spoken native language, after Mandarin Chinese. It is a part of the Ibero-Romance group of languages. This language is evolved from numerous dialects of Vulgar Latin in Iberia. In the 16th century, this language was taken to the colonies of the Spanish Empire.

Around 75 percent of modern Spanish is derived from Latin. Ancient Greek has also contributed substantially to Spanish vocabulary especially through Latin and had a great impact. Spanish language is the six official languages of the United Nations. It is also used as an official language by the European Union. More than 437 million people speak Spanish as a native language. Spanish is the official and the national language in Spain, Equatorial Guinea, and the 19 countries in the Americas. Spanish is the mother tongue of 8% of the population

Spanish vocabulary comes from the contact from an early date with the Arabic, having developed. With around 8 percent of its vocabulary being Arabic in origin, this language is one of the second most important influences after Latin. This language also adopted words from non-Iberian languages such as Gothic language. Apart from this, it has absorbed vocabulary from the other languages mainly the Romance languages like French, Italian, Occitan as well as Sardinian.

Spanish learning teachers are working for advancement of Spanish language, literature, culture as well as civilization and even want to create the same passion among the students through the Spanish Language Course in Delhi. Foreign Classes of foreign language empowers genuine study of the Spanish language, culture as well as civilization of Spanish speaking world as well as their history and civilization.

Why to learn Spanish language?

·         Spanish Ranks as World's No. 2 Language

·         Spanish is spoken around the World

·         Spanish is in the Same Language Family as the English

·         Spanish Language Dates to at the Least 13th Century

·         Spanish is also known as Castilian

·         Spanish is the world's most phonetic languages.

·         Most Spanish Speakers Are in Latin America

·         Arabic Had a Huge Influence on Spanish Language

Spanish is the Romance language and has approximately 470 million speakers. Spanish is widely spoken in Spain and twenty two other countries. Spanish is the third most important language that is spoken all around world after English and the Mandarin. In addition to this, Spanish language speaking population is the most growing segments all over world today. This language offers individuals, institutes and the businesses a unique opportunity for growth.

Spanish Institute in Bangalore is the latest technology based learning provides understanding to get an edge over. Our industry focused course curriculum provides thorough learning that qualifies one to meet the demand of the future requirements. Our specifically designed courses are the avant-garde to the market standard that prepares the student to go beyond it.

Spanish is one the most popular second language that is learned in the United States. In 2011, it was expected by the American Community Survey that of the 55 million Hispanic United States residents. 38 million people speak Spanish at home.

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