Lead Generation Hacks: 6 Strategies That Will Grow Your Leads

by Sathish Raghavan Marketing Analyst

Lead generation hacks? What are these? Do we even recall how we started with our once so small company that has grown into a monstrous organization in the last few years? Pooling resources, harnessing a big reservoir of talents and generating migratory as well as flashing leads and converting them into effective data sales- there must have been some of the best hacks that we have really known. The next question that anybody can ask at this time, is, what exactly does lead generation hack mean? And how do all hacks really turn out to be fruitful? Often start-ups and even large-scale companies also lose on the corporate battleground due to insufficient or poorly-executed leads, due to fear of moving forward and one of the worst things, due to an insurmountable number of obstacles related to funds. Among all these, a faulty lead generation is one of the primary factors that can drastically reduce the efficacy of a certain brand of product or service.

#Top 6 lead generation hacks that will make your company revenue more stable and systematic

Lead gen is a very unpredictable phenomenon, so as to say. A little bit of technical knowledge, diligence on the part of the sales development representatives and prioritizing workload and distributing finances equally can ultimately boost the entire process of lead generation in manifold ways. 6 such interesting hacks for lead generation are discussed below:

A compelling call-to-action pattern designed by the company

One should be specific about the nature and extent to which he or she can go for lead generation about a particular product or service to a client or prospect. The company marketing and sales development officers should show alertness, and they should be proactive to differentiate between active leads which might convert into direct sales, and dormant ones which have no sequential pattern of responding to the company call. Implementing new and exorbitant marketing strategies to meet the required target would not help either, because that would be irksome and will create more pressure on the company budget. As a part of a call-to-action process of lead gen, repetition and reinforcement of the company ideals and an overview of the company can prove beneficial in achieving a consistent source of revenue for the company- with every lead generated with a definite call to action, customer will know ‘which this company is’, and ‘what do I buy from this company’.

Lead generation with the help of digital media platform and white hat search engine optimization techniques

With digital media embracing a major part of everyone’s life now, lead generation with the help of organic, original white-hat search engine optimization technique has become quite crucial. Good ranking through Google analytics and the SEO index indicates higher page ranking for a certain company product or service, and using networks, references and partners to channelize a steady procedure of link-building for the global networking and lead gen platforms. Improving the scoring through Google AdWords and building a profitable proportion of the total marketing strategy with Pay per Click and use of keywords can actually enhance the quality of lead generation in an expandable way. Statistics show that leveraging higher versions of Pay per Click, and Google analytics with killer headlines and lucid resources work toward the betterment of any product or service by increasing the number of leads. Last but not the least, one of the all-inclusive ways would also be to enlist the business in Google my business. Studies show that 50% of mobile customers search and visit for a particular site on that day, while approximately 18% make a purchase within 7 days.

Webinars and joining industry forums as an improved strategy of lead generation

Lead generation does not occur in vain. Already with a steady base of followers who can turn into potential customers, the aggrandizement and fruition of company sales target and revenue can be made easier with regular and informative webinars which will result in a steady flow of regular customers. To know about a product or service, the prospective leads can be requested to get a copy of the company newsletter or e-book or indulge in an extended question answer session. Likewise, industry forums with witty, informative and a practical outlook to lead gen can turn out to be one of the most futuristic processes of earning revenue for an organization. The crux of any marketing campaigns is thus encapsulated in even a half-hour or a single hour webinar.

Sponsoring charity and sports events and sending direct company cards and wishes on holidays

Widespread publicity in any particular sphere can be a huge hit for multiple business organizations, captions, tags and brands. Sponsoring a charity event or a sports event can bring together some of the best business tycoons of the town, along with a plethora of clients who, in the long run, can be the stepping stone to more lead generation. At the same time, greetings and cordial messages on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and events like Christmas and St. George’s Day are sweet gesture that can publicize a business in a most relevant manner. This will tantamount to making a brand quite special through social media coverage at not-so-expensive cost.

Recommendations and testimonials can make the ultimate process of lead generation a cakewalk altogether

While generating new leads in any business or investment-related matters, any company can go back to the old tactics and training modules for lead generation. Recommendations from one-to-one circles and one-to-many circles also prove to be beneficial for new lead gen. The company can also request the old customers to post positive reviews, feedbacks and testimonials on major photo and information-sharing sites, that will channelize more leads for future growth. The simple percentage categorization can be the difference between the ideal and the common customers. Ideal customers generally buy a product or service time and again, and they refer and channelize the same lead to more friends or active family members. They can be the 20% of the client base of a certain company, who can likewise contribute to about 80% of the revenue. So, recommendations and testimonials matter a lot in this case.

Value added offers, premium packages and special offers dispel the sense of monotony about a business

For successful lead generation, premium offers, special packages and deals highlight the popularity of a particular product. special discounts, one plus one free, one offer and credit balance for another offer, start-up kits and manuals and free gifts with very product can accelerate more lead generation. Embarking upon a blind and arbitrary way of generating leads will not help. The main target is to approach hard-to-reach buyers and also to enhance the loyalty of the customers toward a brand. The value-added services can be offered through the primary instruments of telemarketing or through any other advanced resources.

The ideal catchphrase for any kind of lead generation is a systematic evaluation of the whole process of generating leads. Sporadic and non-incremental lead generation can ultimately lead to the downfall of any company. So, it is imperative on the part of marketers and sales professionals to sustain varieties of leads and to create a strong and seamless foundation of lead gen techniques that will resuscitate even a dying company.

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