Latest Trends and Tactics of Web Design that Every Web Design Company Should Follow

by Tom Yospe Search Flow LLC

Technology is advancing every day and to sustain in the market businesses need to get updated with the latest trends and tactics especially when their business’s website is concerned. Web designs need to updated and hence business owners along with their concerned web design companies should keep an eye on the latest trends to achieve a successful website and hence business.

Web designing tactics keep on changing day after day and to sustain in the market every business needs to stay up to date with the current trends. Below mentioned are few modern web design trends that you and your web design company needto follow to achieve the best possible results and better return on investment.

Large and Unique Font

Making use of a particular and unique font helps companies to get identified by their customers easily. And today there are a number of fonts available for designers that makes it easier for the brands to express themselves more accurately through a particular font or typography. Also, the choice in the typography while creating the brand of your company indicates subtle hints regarding who you are i.e. whether you are functional or informational or your website is just for fun or it is about something serious and likewise. Whichever font you choose but make sure that your web designing company considers its applicability across various browsers and computers. If you choose a font that is not supported by common browsers and computers will make your website look awkward on different devices.

Large and Responsive Images

Large images with text instead of social buttons create a strong visual experience that encourages visitors to scroll down to read more. Large images can also be placed in the background with text and other contents overlaid on the top. Out of the two mentioned approaches whichever approach you choose and utilize, the large images will help you in telling your story visually to the visitors without having to rely on the texts. Saying that, you should also ensure that the images you are using are responsive so that the visitors get the same experience while looking at your images regardless of what device they are using.

Background Videos

Videos are one of the best media to tell your story and reduce the amount of other contents needed to explain your business.  And when video starts automatically in the background when your website is visited makes it easier for your customers to understand what you want to convey regarding your products or services. Background videos tempt the visitors on your website from the moment they land on your page and allow them to understand the key features of your company without reading a single line of text. And it is a fact that video is processed 60,000 times faster than texts by our brains.

Flat Design

Flat design here means that a design that does not include the three dimensional perception like shadows. This helps the users to comprehend the website easily and also such designs load quickly on websites without any complications. In 2013 Apple started using flat designs following which many companies adapted this style. Flat design helps the visitor to understand the content of your website easily and quickly and when additional elements are added it brings life to the website. But it is also important to ensure that the homepage, product pages or any other section of your website all utilize the same design so that it will be helpful for the visitors to understand what they are viewing.

Hamburger Menus

Long menu options that we generally come across in most of the websites are easier to reach the page we want but it takes a lot of space on the screen! And to avoid taking up tons of valuable screen space, the hamburger or hidden menu has been introduced. It is called hamburger because there are three lines that are stacked on top of one another that resemble hamburger patties. These menus provide improved, cleaner and distraction free experiences to your visitors which helps them find desired information easily.

Oversize Product Images

Oversized product images on top of the page are responsive that aims to ensure that the viewers get an optimized experience. Also such larger images help designers in highlighting different features of the product in an efficient and effective manner. And large images are also scan friendly that help visitors in understanding the various features of the product through the images instead of words.


This article is written by Search Flow, one of the most well-known and reputed web design companies in Rockville who stay up to date with the current trends and tactics of web designing so that their client get the best possible results.

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