Laparoscopic Surgery- Before and After Tips

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Laparoscopic surgery is an effective medical procedure used in surgeries and diagnosis. This is a surgery that minimises risks and involves smaller cuts. This is also widely known as the minimally invasive surgery as it allows the surgeon to proceed with the surgery through a small opening. A Laparoscope is used in this process. This tool comes with a camera and light at one of its end. The surgeon inserts this in the body of the patient through a small hole and examines them. In recent times, laparoscopic surgery in India has been gaining more and more popularity.


Tips before a Laparoscopic surgery


Laparoscopic surgery is performed using several techniques which includes - MRI scan, CT scan and ultrasound. However this type of surgery minimises the risks, some of the best laparoscopic surgeons suggest some minor complications. These include bleeding and infection and are observed very rarely.


Anyone is about to undergo a laparoscopic surgery should take care of the following mentioned things-


       Tell your doctor about your medical history. Right from the diseases and complications suffered in the recent past to every medicine you are taking (prescribed or over-the-counter).


       Cut on your diet as prescribed by the doctor before your surgery. The doctor might suggest going on a liquid diet certain hours before the surgery. This is done to evacuate and prepare your bowels for the surgery.


       Undergo all the tests advised by the doctors before the laparoscopic surgery. This helps them understand and predict the complications better.


Tips after a Laparoscopic surgery


After laparoscopic surgery, the patients are allowed to leave after proper examination, sometimes on the very same day. Since the procedure involves the usage of anaesthesia, the best laparoscopic surgery hospitals advice to keep a check on the major body functions like breathing and heart rate.


Here are a few tips that a patient who has just undergone a laparoscopic surgery should take care of-


       Contact your doctor if you notice any abnormality like fever, redness, chills, swelling.


       The anaesthesia might leave an after-effect on the patients. This can be in the form of pain or feeling cold. Ask for help from relatives and doctors, as and when required.


       Nausea is experienced by most of the patients who have undergone laparoscopic surgery. Many medications are available for this purpose and can be taken after seeking advice from the doctor.


       It is important to take care of the body for at least two weeks after the surgery.


The best laparoscopic surgery hospitals suggest the patients remain calm during the process and listen to the advice of their doctors. This will help both the surgeon conduct the surgery smoothly and speed up the recovery of the patient.

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