Kraft Paper Bags Vs Color Paper Bags

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Packaging is an essential aspect of retailing. This requires choosing the most effecting packaging option for your store. A wonderful option is to opt for shopping bags made out of paper. These come in different options to suit everyone’s needs. This article compares kraft paper bags and color paper bags. Read on to make choosing the right shopping bags easier.

Colored paper bags

This is an extension of the versatility of paper. Colored paper bags can be used for gifts, groceries, and shopping for making wonderful storage accessories. After using this bag, you can easily fold it up and keep it in a drawer. These bags come in various colors to ensure you use bags with a color that catches your fancy. Colored paper bags come in various patterns and customizable to meet your requirements.

Making colored paper bags

The process of making colored paper bags requires breaking down tree pulp or wood. It might also include other materials such as cotton and textiles. These materials are pressed through a screen that removes any water. Afterward, the solution is dried to become hard for creating paper sheet. During the production process, dying the paper takes place to create paper with various colors.

Apart from these paper bags coming in different colors, they can be made in various sizes to meet customer requirements. These papers vary from small to very big. Colored paper bags aren’t just cheery and bright, they’re multifunctional and can be used for various uses. Using these bags in your store will add a touch of color to customer purchases and highlight your brand.

Kraft paper bags

These are an ideal solution for a business seeking to lower their impact on the environment. Kraft bags are made from trees and decompose when exposed to weather. It makes these bags not have permanent residues in landfills. Using thee bags will make your business go green making it more appealing to green-conscious customers. The best thing is that using these bags creates less impact on the environment promoting a natural habitat for animals and leaving forests intact.

Making kraft paper

The material for these bags is made from wood pulp from the kraft process. It makes this paper stronger in comparison to other paper types. Kraft paper has a coarser texture and comes out brown. However, it can also be colored white after the bleaching process. The kraft paper is used for purposes including grocery bags, multiwall sacks, and envelopes. Additionally, kraft paper is for making shopping bags, paper moving pads, and boxes. Kraft pulp is applied to enhance quality and strength of linerboard boxes surfaces.

Using kraft paper bags

It’s possible to use custom kraft bags as promotional items to brand your product. However, it’s important to be wary about the range of colors and design elements for your bags. Quality kraft bags must have biodegradable elements including the coloring inks and other material for designing the bags. However, there’s a possibility of not finding the appropriate biodegradable materials to personalize your kraft bags. This limits your use of these bags to brand your business.

The lifespan of kraft bags is about 10 to 15 days for storing items prone to rotting. Therefore, you have to use these bags accordingly. Do you have products with longer shelf life? You have to take note of how long the bag can keep your products intact before reaching the customers. Perhaps your products are organic. Ensure to keep kraft bags away from damp places for them to last considerably longer and to ensure your products remain intact.

Some handy tips to help choose the right bags for your store
  • Color options
  • Cost of the bags
  • Nature of products
  • Nature of your business
  • Versatility and strength of the bags
  • Material the bags are made from

Wrapping up

Your choice of shopping bags can make or break your store. With a range of options on the market, you have to be diligent to ensure you choose bags that will push your brand forward. These must be strong enough to hold customer purchases until they reach their destination. Additionally, choose bags that can be customized to promote your brand. With the comparison between colored paper bags and kraft bags, the choice is yours to choose bags that meet your business requirements.

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