KP Astrology: The Most Accurate Predictive Astrology

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KP Astrology is believed to be the most accurate predictive astrology, compared to Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Practitioners claim that it is more precise and accurate compared to other systems. KP Astrology is a technique invented by the late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. This is based on the Stellar system of prediction and the sub lords. Though based on the principles of traditional Vedic Astrology, there are some significant differences between the two systems.

The main difference between the two springs from the method of making predictions. In Vedic Astrology, many charts and tables are used apart from the birth chart itself. But KP Astrology makes use of a few tools only and these are consistently used in all types of situations.

Prof. Krishnamurti came up with a new tool called ruling planets in his method. The ruling planet offers divine guidance when a clarification on certain issues that cause problems during the making of a final prediction.

KP Astrology is based on Nadi Nakshatras, and basically depends on Nakshatra Padas. It was invented by Prof Krishnamurti after years of research.

KP Astrology is said to be more accurate in predicting events. It is based on clear rules and logic. It is like a better version of Vedic Astrology. It is also more comprehensive as it includes Western Astrological principles also. KP Astrology is also very easy to learn.

More than making predictions about personality traits and life events, KP Astrology focuses on answering specific questions in a detailed and precise manner. This system is based on both Indian and Western astrology and also uses some key concepts from many streams of astrology. As it is very systematic and well-defined, it is seen as more accurate than other systems. It can be compared to someone solving a Maths problem using a calculator instead of mental calculations. We can therefore describe KP system of astrology as a modern tool to come up with predictions more accurately and quickly.

In traditional astrology, the Rasi alone is considered but in KP Astrology, the nakshatras are also considered. In the former, only the moon’s nakshatra is considered and used in a significant manner. In KP system, the nakshatra of every planet and every cusp is seen to play an important role.

Each nakshatra is divided into four parts or Padas in traditional astrology. In KP, each nakshatra is divided into 9 parts called Subs, and each sub is ruled by a planet called sub lord. These sub divisions are as per the Vimshottari Dasha System and are not equal divisions.

There is no further subdivision of Nakshatra Padas in traditional astrology, but in KP, the sub is again divided into 9 parts, and each is ruled by the sub sub lords. Various charts and tables apart from the birth chart or horary chart are used in traditional astrology, but only the Bhava Chalit birth chart is needed in the KP system. Many Varga charts too are used in traditional astrology. In KP Astrology, however, only birth or horary Bhava Chalit charts are used.

KP system gives more importance to the stars / nakshatras which obviously offers more precision. It also divides each star / nakshatra into further 9 subdivisions called 'Subs'.

KP System uses KP Ayanamshas, not the Lahiri Ayanamshas used in Vedic System. There is a 6-minute difference between the two. KP system uses Cusps (house/ bhav beginnings like Western Systems), but the Vedic System which uses House Centers or Bhav Madhyas. KP system uses the Placidus House system used in Western astrology.

According to KP Astrology, the planet in its dasha gives results according to its Nakshtra-Swami (Star-Lord), not the planet itself. So, the planet is the Source, the planet's Star-Lord gives the Effects/ Results and the planet's Sub gives an idea of the final direction of the result.

KP Astrology is a very unique kind of astrology. When compared to Vedic astrology, Nadi astrology, and Jaimini Astrology, predictions made using KP astrology are seen to be more accurate.

It is definitely one of the easiest techniques for getting specific answers like predicting an event right upto a particular date and time.

In some cases, Vedic astrology may produce inaccurate results. For instance, a person who has Sun in the 10th house will not get good results of this placement. Instead, he may be suffering from depression during the same period. The reason? He has Sun in the 8th in KP Bhava Chalit, while its nakshatra lord and sub lords are in 8th and 12th. Naturally, the Sun will not yield good results.

KP Astrology studies the power of nakshatra lords and sub lords of planets and cusps in order to find out future outcomes. And it’s very easy. One only has to combine the house significations of the planet’s nakshtra lord and sub lord. By checking the Mahadasha and Antardasha planet that the person is running and examining what significations are related to that planet, one can make very accurate predictions.

If you are interested in learning KP Astrology online, try one of the many websites that offer KP Astrology classes.

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