Know your dessert – Nutrition facts and calorie count of chocolate mousse

by Rehan S. Branding
In the list of comfort foods arranged in descending order, chocolate probably ranks first. From cakes to cookies and milk to dark, there are numerous varieties of recipes that use chocolate as their main ingredient. Chocolate is a byproduct of seeds found on cacao trees, found commonly in parts of South and Central America. Since ancient times, chocolate has been held in high regard due to its distinct flavor and caffeine characteristics. The main ingredient of the chocolate mousse is chocolate. However, do you know how many calories you consume and how to make chocolate mousse?

Chocolate mousse is a sweet, creamy, smooth and rich dessert. Ingredients and nutrition facts vary somewhat, but typically chocolate mousse is prepared with heavy cream, unsweetened cocoa or bittersweet chocolate, egg yolks and several other ingredients. It is rich in calories, fat (especially saturated fat) and cholesterol and should be consumed in moderation. There are modifications for making a healthier version of this delicious dessert at home.

Calories in chocolate mousse

The general ingredients of a chocolate mousse include chocolate, whipped cream, sugar and butter. This makes up for about 450 calories given the quantity is 200 g.

How can you burn calories consumed with chocolate mousse?

Although calorie intake depends on the personal intake preference, 450 calories can be a significant amount of calorie intake through dessert alone. You can burn 450 calories in the following ways:

70 minutes of cycling
125 minutes of walking
50 minutes of jogging 
40 minutes of swimming

Health benefits of chocolate mousse

The benefits offered by chocolate mousse are derived directly from the presence of chocolate as its main ingredient. A few pros of chocolate include:

It works as a mood booster
It is rich in antioxidants and is good for the skin
It improves circulation of blood and is good for the heart
It is also a source of iron, manganese and fibre
Consumption in moderation can help manage weight.

Tips to make chocolate mousse healthier

Replacing ingredients that add calories to the recipe can result in lowering of the calorie count of the dessert. Here are some modifications you can make:

Replace the butter with a healthier ingredient like avocado that can add a creamy texture to the mousse
Replace milk with healthier alternatives such as almond milk
Instead of using sugar to add sweetness to the mouse, you can include honey as the replacement ingredient
Top the mousse with juicy berries and fruits to add antioxidants to the dessert.

Homemade nutrition facts

A homemade recipe, such as that for "Heavenly Chocolate Mousse" is made with 8 ounces of semisweet chocolate, 1/2 cup water, 2 tbsp. 1 each butter and sugar, 3 egg yolks and 1.25 cups whipping cream. This recipe makes six servings. One serving (approximately 100 grams) provides 331 calories, 25g fat (14.8g saturated fat or 74 percent of the Recommended Daily Value for the whole day), 3.5g protein, 29g carbohydrates (25g sugars or just over 6 tsp.), 2.2g dietary fiber, 143mg cholesterol and 45mg sodium.

Now as you know the nutrition and how to make chocolate mousse, start preparing now.

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