Know What Moving Companies Won’t Move

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“To know about the things that the movers don’t move, kindly give this article a good read now”.

Moving to a new place can be hectic and most people get extremely nervous during that time.

This is the reason why you should look out for reliable and popular movers and storage services Los Angeles. They will take care of most of the chores so that you can devote your time to other things such as taking care of the paperwork, researching about the new neighborhood, completing all the unfinished business in the current house, etc.

However, when you are hiring professional movers in Los Angeles, you must also know that they don’t move certain things. No, don’t make that face! They will obviously move your sofa, bed, appliances, closet, clothes, electronics, etc. but there are a few that they won’t. But yes, it can differ from one state to another and from one moving company to another. So it is always better to get the list from your hired Thousand Oaks movers.

And here are a few general things that they don’t move usually. To know about the same, kindly give this article a good read.

Some food items are perishable and this is the reason why you should start finishing up the leftovers. You can also give up a few items such as yogurts, frozen food, fresh produce, milk, etc. However, the movers might agree to pack and carry a few items such as canned food, rice, and pasta, et al. However, it is better to ask them directly about the same.

Your movers might not also be able to carry your scuba gears. However, this again differs from one company to another.

Even the most expert and professional movers in Los Angeles will tell you that they are not going to move something irreplaceable such as family heirlooms. They can be costly, have high sentimental value and most importantly, not replaceable so they might refuse to pack them. You can pack them by yourself and carry them with you in your car.

I am not sure if the movers will refuse to pack this but yes, it is always suggested that you pack your checkbooks, passbooks, important documents, passport and licenses, collection, keys, purse, medical records, etc. by yourself.

Your movers might not be allowed to move plants too so make sure you check on that. If they don’t, you can carry them by yourself or donate them.

The movers might not move nail polishes and nail polish removers as they are flammable.

They may not move other things such as paints, aerosols, fertilizers, propane tanks, oil, charcoal, acids, etc. The movers won't move explosive items such as black powder, ammunition, propellants, et al.

Movers and packers wouldn’t move pets too.

If you have garden equipment or other power tools with fuel such as lawnmowers, weed cutters, etc., then also they won’t move the same.   

If you don’t go for established movers, then they might also refuse to move your piano or pool table.

So these are a few things that the experts won't move. But yes, it is always better to ask for a list from them so that you can be sure.

To know more about Simi Valley movers, read my other articles and blogs. 

Author Bio: Piper, a blogger on Thousand Oaks movers and Simi Valley movers, writes on a few things that movers don’t move. To know about the best movers and storage service or professional movers Los Angeles, read her blogs.

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