Know the Travel scams and how to avoid them

by Althaf M Yoonus Digital Marketing Executive

Vacations are times of happiness and fun. None want to get worried or have panic attacks during their vacations. But still people do get scammed. Read to know how you can avoid scams while planning and enjoying your trip. Book cheap flight deals without getting scammed.

Some scams can make you feel dumb, but may even cost some unexpected cash. Others can be far more sinister. Here are some common things you need to note before travelling to an unknown destination. Don’t just jump on to a deal reading cheap flight deals on an online advertisement.  Make sure to ponder on these quick bites before packing your bags next time or while checking for last minute flight deals.

You would meet plenty of helper in large cities. They might join you along your walks or during train-bus journeys. They may look very pleasing and like the official tour guides. It's all well until they ask for payment for the brief they gave without your permission or take hostage of your visiting pass. Some might even take your suitcase to the railway station and refuse to give back unless you pay.

Check for taxi fares before boarding them. Some taxi meters would be calibrated to double the usual price. Always turn on the online map and pretend you know the place a bit so that the driver might not create circuitous routes or check whether the driver is in proper uniform before taking one. There might also gentlemen offering train tickets during rush hour or during long queue sessions in the booking counter. Avoid them if you wish to take the train and not out of money.

When in a bar, don't blindly trust the girl who falls for you too soon. She gets paid commission for the drinks you order with her, and shortly she might be controlling your booze level. Whether its a girl or not, be conscious enough to cross-check the bill before leaving the bar. When arriving, check for the prices before keeping an order.

When you take the option for visa on arrival, it invites two options for the customs officer while you visit the embassy. Firstly, they make you wait for hours and waste half of your holiday at the station or fold him a currency note. It's a business, so next time sort your visa through an official organization and avoid being held up for money.

Always pay in cash while travelling. You might see takeaway menus flying on your hotel doors every morning. You would call in for a pizza and they would ask for the card details. Expect just a pie or a water bottle instead of pizza. So always pay in cash and Google the organisation details before booking. Always keep bills because a wrongly charged bill won't be easy to get refunded in a foreign country.

Always look for authentic and trustworthy flight deals from an established travel company.

Here are some general tips from avoiding victimized.

Be aware- Always beware of the crowd you are in or check the people around you and what they are doing. Check if you feel anything odd the try avoiding going further or rectify the scene. If you are a constant traveller, practice noticing who walks around your door and get the instinct if someone crosses your back or is following.

Research well about the place you are visiting. Always check official advice and notice regarding a place you are intending to visit. Gain some insights into common scams and always keep a reliable local contact to call in time of distress. You can seek the help of your hotel security also, who will be always in line with you to help you out from a bad situation. Report to the hotel security manager early before leaving the hotel the places you are planning to visit and the things you need to keep in mind.

When indulged in a situation which is turning sore, don't argue, don't be confrontational, just leave the scene. You can report the situation in a nearby police station if you could recollect every detail of the incident in a piece of paper.

Back up. Always keep a backup of your ID and money in two different places inside your clothing or backpack. Keep your passport and cash safe inside your hotel room and travel just with essentials( An official ID and a credit card may be)

Always keep a track of your online bills before resting for the day. If you find any unusual billing on your card, cancel the card immediately.

Don't panic under any situation that is uncontrollable by you or your travelling partner. Your embassy will always be ready to keep you safe and take you back to your homeland secured.

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