Know The Prime Reasons For Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

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Cooking not only takes effort and time but also a toll on the kitchen as well. And the most sensitive place to get affected are the exhausts, extraction system and the ducts. All the fumes, the oil, and the grease from the cooking get accumulated in these parts. If kitchen extraction cleaning is not one in time, these can have some hazardous impacts.

Kitchen Extraction Clean

Poor Performance:

When the oil and grease get accumulated in the ducts, their efficiency of absorbing more oil and grease decrease, leading to the deterioration of the standard of their performance.

·         Noise:

With the accumulation of all the particles in the extraction systems and ducts, the noise level of the systems increases. This causes the kitchen to be uneasy and also harmful as per the noise level decibels.

·         Fire Hazard:

Once the oil and grease accumulated, crosses the permissible limit, it can block the exhaust passageways. On the ventilation system being blocked, the risks of the system catching a fire increase. This is one of the potential hazardous threats that arise from not cleaning the exhausts of the kitchen.

The Frequency With Which The Kitchen Extraction Should Be Carried Out:

While in some places, the kitchen extraction can be done annually, but sometimes it is recommended to carry it out once in six months, or even three months.

In commercial scale kitchens, once in three months, cleaning is recommended, depending on the amount of oil and grease particles accumulated. In office kitchens maybe once in six months cleaning will do. And in residential kitchens, an annual cleaning of the duct is highly recommended.

Steps For Kitchen Extraction:

Many techniques can be implemented. Some of them are listed below:

·         -Wet Vacuum: In this wet cleaning technique, a suction is created to suck out the dirt particles.

·         -Hand wash methods can be used to clean the ventilation system from within.

·         -High pressure can be applied to dissolve the deposits. Even steam can be used for this purpose.

·       -Hand brush and hand scraper can be used as a means to clean the ventilation system by dry cleaning.

Some methods that can help monitor the ventilation system are deposit thickness test, wet film thickness test,  dust vacuum test and indicative test. For a safe kitchen and safe cooking, these steps are essential. Follow this method for the maintenance of the kitchen ventilation system and spare yourself from some dangerous hazards and threats.

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