Know how some of the best rolls in Kolkata came into existence

by Erika Miller Digital Marketer

Also known as Kati roll, rolls are accepted as go-to street food all over India. This go-to delicacy has evolved in the past years. Though there are several confusions and sayings on the origin of a Kati roll, the concept first originated in Kolkata. With an increase in its popularity, various eating hubs have started to offer some of the best rolls in Kolkata. 

How it all started? 

As mentioned, Kati rolls were first originated in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is being said, the idea of such a delicacy took shape in the Nizam’s restaurant that was founded in 1932. However, the origin is still not as clear as ice because some claims Kati rolls to be a hurried office goers’ idea, who wanted a quick and portable preparation. While others claim it to be the preparation by the British people who were in disgust to touch the Kebabs and hence rolled them up in a “paratha” or flatbread and wrapped it in a paper.   

No matter where the best rolls in Kolkata originated from, it is now a go-to delicacy for all. The word “Kati” stands for skewers and hence the Kati rolls are made with ingredients grilled on skewers that adds a hint of ‘smoky’ flavor to it. 

How is it prepared?

Some of the best rolls in Kolkata are available in both veg and non-veg. Along with meat or paneer, the main ingredients that get rolled up are usually capsicum, onions, cucumbers, preferred veggies, etc. 

Other ingredients that are put to complement the veggies are paneer, soya, chicken, mutton, mutton liver, egg, etc. 

With a change in customer demand, there are other variants that are available such as cheese or mayonnaise roll accompanied with meat, paneer or soya, Chinese roll, chowmein roll, spring rolls, etc. 

Apart from the grilled or fried ingredients, the paratha is fried with an enormous amount of oil to give it the crisp. The right time devoted to kneading gives the paratha its mouth-melting softness. 

Once the paratha is fried to perfection, it is loaded with veggies and meat, rolled up and wrapped in paper wrappers to make it easier to bite on. To add that tangy flavor you get with every bite, the chefs make use of lime, ketchup, etc. You can also customize the ingredients of your scrumptious Kati roll as per your taste and requirement and make it an evening snack to crave every day.

There are several restaurants that serve some of the best rolls in Kolkata. One such food hub is Bawarchi that serves this ancestral bite loaded with heavenly flavors. They offer an 18 inch of roll added with palate-favorite zests. The right amount of spices and accurately smoked meat makes every bite a bite of paradise. Besides, the soft and crisp paratha makes it mouth-melting and drool-worthy. In addition to the facts stated above, the prices of best rolls in Kolkata are leaned more towards the inexpensive side making it easily accessible for foodies of different financial categories. Owing to its affordable price tag and heavenly taste, every bite proves to be a lip-smacking bite.