Know How and Where You Should Spray Your Perfume

by Dhanu Singh Digital Marketing Consultant
Your perfume does not smell the way it used to when you first bought it. It evaporates as soon as you apply it. The lasting of more than 8 hours when you initially used has reduced to as low as 2 hours. Perfumes are a bit tricky. If you don’t use it in the right manner it can affect the after-effects as well as the scent. The fragrance, longevity, and the dry up scents everything depends on the way you use perfume. If not used properly, you might not get your money’s worth. Instead of wondering about the authenticity of the perfume, maybe it is the way that you are using it affecting its fragrance and longevity.

You can spray the perfume all over your body, but there are certain points on the body that can enhance the scent. These are called pulse points, also known as the hot zones of the body. They are hotter than other parts and remain at a constant temperature. This consistency helps in giving a boost to the fragrance allowing it to evaporate at a consistent rate spreading molecules all around. Here are some of the best places on your body where you should be applying the perfume.

Behind the ear: This is a place that has been used since the earliest of times when the first of its kind perfumes were created. Just a tiny dab of fragrance oil on this place behind the ear will keep you fragrant for hours straight. You can take up any perfume of your choice and spray it right behind the ear. Just two one spritz behind each ear is enough to make you smell amazing. This trick can also come in handy when you are wearing a white shirt and do not want to stain the collar while spraying on the perfume. Even the best perfume brands for men suggest applying perfume over here.

The inner part of the elbow: We usually miss this part of the body while applying perfume but this can really accentuate your scent. Clean the inner elbow using a wet wipe or simple water, apply a little moisturiser on it and spray a little perfume on it. You can use this trick when you are wearing a half sleeve shirt or a t-shirt. One spritz on each side will help you smell amazing.

On the hair: This might sound like a very weird place to apply perfumes, but it is one of the most effective ones. The hair strands can also absorb the perfume just like your skin can. However, you should try to use non-alcoholic perfumes or spray from a distance to ensure your hair do not get fizzy.

You can start by buying the best selling perfume for men, apply them on these pulse points and you will never smell bad. Make sure to invest in high-quality international perfumes for that long-lasting unadulterated fragrance. It will capture everyone’s attention making you the centre of it. Stay in the limelight with your highly perfumed body sprays.

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