Know About Wildlife in Canada

by Neha Sah Digital Marketing Manager

You can see wonderful Wildlife in Canada. Canadian skies are home to 462 bird species, with BC and Ontario boasting the greatest diversity. The most famous feathered resident is the common loon, Canada’s national bird. It’s a water bird whose mournful yet beautiful call often rings out across quiet back country lakes early or late in the day. The great blue heron, one of the country’s largest birds, is a timid fellow that’s an amazing sight on take-off.

You will many beautiful pond visit in Canada and you can see hard dil fish. There is only one creature in the water that fears no enemy other than humans: the killer whale orca, so named because its diet includes seals, belugas and other whales. Their aerodynamic bodies, signature black-and-white coloration and incredible speed (up to 40km/h) make them the Ferraris of the aquatic world. They’re most commonly seen around Vancouver Island and along the Inside Passage to Alaska.

You can see millions of bird species found in Canada. Visitors can see the likes of northern gannets, Atlantic puffins and common eiders in the maritime regions of Québec. Due to their vast size Canada, Alaska and the Arctic have an incredible variety of bird species, both resident and migratory. You can come here any session in Canada. Alaska and western British Columbia are renowned for huge populations of bald eagles whilst the cliffs of the Maritime Provinces echo to the enthralling cacophony of shrieks and calls of some of the world’s largest seabird colonies, providing ideal nesting conditions for thousands of kittiwakes, mores and razorbills.

You can see amazing birds in Canada. Like that the lakes and forests of Canada are home to plenty of other birds, like the albatross, golden eagle, the peregrine and prairie falcons, the northern gannet, the Canada goose, the northern mockingbird, the common nighthawk, the woodpecker and the tundra swan, to name just a few. There are millions of bird species found in Canada. Visitors can see the likes of northern gannets, Atlantic puffins and common eiders in the maritime regions of Quebec.

You know, arguably the most famous bird that lives in Canada is the bald eagle. The dark brown feathers on its body and white feathers on its head, as well as their yellow beaks, make this bird of prey one of the most beautiful birds in the country. Bald eagles are a type of fish eagle and if you are specifically on the lookout for these magnificent birds then the best places to see them are by rivers and by the sea.

The largest land animal in Canada is the wood bison, which can be found in Alberta, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. Mature males can reach 3.8 m in length, stand 2 m high at the shoulder and can weigh up to 900 kg. You know, today the country is home to only about 10,000 of these animals. You can enjoy wildlife of Canada and for visa you need to apply online for Canada ETA .

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