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In the nation Cowgirl quickly became the most important show for women Western artists. It is representing the lifestyle and spirit of the American West. Resulting from the influence of the attitudes, ethics, and history of the American Western cowboy and cowgirl, Western lifestyle or cowboy culture is the lifestyle or behaviorisms. This Cowgirl Art and Lifestyle sector of the population's choice of recreation, clothing, and consumption of goods has been affected by these influences in the present day.

One of the features or more accurately functions, of a comic, is the panel layout that goes completely unnoticed unless it breaks out of the established boundaries. Lettering is another function that slips but that’s a topic for another day.

Should the panel layout receive attention or recognition? This is the question should be asked before plunging any further. On the story like dialogue and art, we’re focused as a reader that appears within the panels. However panels are required to tell it, the panel provides the boundary of that moment, and the story is made up of. Without it what would we have, it should in no way interfere with the telling of the story?

Generally, for a comic book page, a common number of panels are five to six. However, to evoke different emotions, comic book artists can play with Limited edition Cartoon Panels. To help indicate the passage of time or to display multiple reactions to an event, a single page could contain only one distinctive, dramatic panel or it could be made of lots of small panels.

The size and style of text are just a few of the ways comic book artists while Playing with the layout of a comic page, can elevate the work and develop a signature style.

Like the storyline, Comic layout is just as important. Without mixing up the readers mind, it assures the smooth transition of Limited edition Cartoon Panels. In telling the story when used effectively, while perfunctory in most comics the humble panel can achieve a starring role.

It is just natural to read from top left to bottom right if you are an English reader. So to place the speech Cartoon Panels in a way it is essential that the reader gets the flow of the conversation easily be top left to bottom right. You should now be consistent all throughout the story, once they have established that to avoid confusion and mix-ups. Even without dialogue, this is to ensure that the reader gets the gist of the comic because the eyes are already drawn to the direction of the story flow.

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