Kitchen Chimneys are Gaining Popularity

by Rudrajit Chakraborty Digital Marketing Expert

Indian cooking invariably means dealing with lots of rich spices and deep frying methods. This means that any time spent in the kitchen generates a lot of smoke or fumes. Traditionally, an exhaust fan would be used in most homes. But of late, adopting a modular kitchen in the home has become a really popular trend. This new style of kitchens is made up of storage cabinets, drawers and shelves. It is important to keep these surfaces shiny and glossy to maintain the aesthetic appearance.

An exhaust fan is not very effective when it comes to reducing the cooking fumes in the kitchen. Daily exposure to the kitchen smoke makes the walls look yellowish. There are grease marks and a certain stickiness seen on the surfaces. It is an easy solution to use a modular kitchen chimney in Kolkata which helps to keep the kitchen surfaces clean and spotless.

In the modular kitchen set up, the electrical kitchen chimney is installed right above the cooking stove. An electrical chimney is built with high suction powers which can absorb all the cooking fumes directly from the stove. This prevents any build-up of smoke in the kitchen and reduces grease and the sticky factor. It is especially helpful to install an oil collector kitchen chimney in Kolkata. Oil collector chimneys are easy to maintain.

The first primary job of an electrical chimney is to keep the kitchen clean and sanitary. But while the appliance takes care of the appearance of your kitchen, it is also important to take care of the appliance itself. To ensure a long life and good performance of the electrical chimney, it is important to regularly clean the chimney’s internal parts. The ducts and filters collect all the fumes and excess oil particles. Cleaning these chimney parts are a vital part of maintaining the longevity of the appliance.

Oil collector chimneys are often referred to as auto clean chimneys. This is because they need minimum maintenance from the user. These electrical chimneys are fitted with oil collector bowls. Auto clean chimneys can perform the task of getting rid of the oil particles from the kitchen chimney all by itself, without needing any human assistance. The cooking fumes pass through non-stick turbine blowers, made of aluminum. Due to the centrifugal forces, the oil particles are forced to move toward the blower wall and are collected in the detachable oil collector bowls.

The oil collector bowls are easy to remove and can be washed with soap water. Depending on the frequency of usage of the chimney, these oil collectors should be cleaned on regular intervals. To get the best performance out of the appliance, it is most ideal to clean these oil collector bowls once every month.

Oil collector kitchen chimneys are more popular among home owners because they promise a superior performance. The suction ducts are protected from any collection of oil and grease particles, which improves the overall performance of the chimney. No oil is clogged into any of the chimney’s internal parts, thus ensuring a longer life for the appliance. 

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