Kidney Problems And Related Pains

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The human body is made up of millions of cells and tissues. These tissues, together form organs and organs, helps in the functioning of our body. It is like a chain. They are dependent on each other. Our body is the only asset we hold, and taking care of it is our prime duty. Every organ has its significance, and one of such important organs is Kidney. Majorly we know that our kidneys help in the treatment of blood and send the filtered blood back to the heart. The Kidney also helps in the maintenance of fluid balance in our body, and any kidney problem like kidney infection or acute kidney disease results in complete renal failure. 

This creates a need for us to educate ourselves about some of the common signs that may lead to some severe health issues. It might happen that your lack of knowledge about symptoms will help the disease to grow and turn into something major. 

Let us study some kidney problems and few basic symptoms related to it. So, next time, if you notice something like this, do not forget to get yourself checked by a doctor. 
Kidney Infection 

An acute and common infection in bladder infects the Kidney. This infection is an inflammation in the bladder called cystitis. The bacteria may travel from the bladder to one or both the kidneys that can easily cause the infection in the kidneys. 

Infections in kidneys are technically related to urinary tract infections. If something is halting your urinary tract to let the pee flow forward, it will result in kidney infections. Some of these reasons are as follows-

• Circumstances that prevent the complete cleansing of the bladder.
• A kidney stone can also block the way of the urinary tract.
• Also, a situation like vesicoureteral reflux may cause kidney infections. In such a situation, our urine flows back to our kidneys from the bladder. 

These were some major reasons that cause kidney infections in humans. 
Acute Kidney Failure 

Another kidney problem that we are going to study here is acute kidney disease. Our Kidney eliminates the waste out of our body without any break. Sometimes our kidneys become unable to clear out the excess fluids, salts, and waste from the blood suddenly. It is said to be a situation of acute kidney failure, and it usually happens within two days or less. The condition of AKD is always very serious and needed to be treated immediately. Acute kidney disease is not like any other kidney problem, which becomes serious with time. If the symptoms are caught on time, and treatment is provided, the effects of acute kidney disease can be reversed. Some may face the problem of chronic kidney failure right after AKD if no measure is taken to prevent kidney damage. Serious health condition like sepsis or pneumonia also leads to acute renal failure. 
Now, when we know what kidney infection and acute kidney failure are, we should also put the symptoms in our knowledge so that we can prevent any major health issues. 
Symptoms of Kidney Infections-

The signs of kidney infections are not very different from AKD. If you ever notice any of these signs mentioned below, kindly consult a doctor instead of to let it go. 

1. Regular or irregular fever and chills. 
2. Pain in back and side 
3. If you notice blood in urine or pus, this is not normal. It’s time for the tests. 
4. Feeling pain or burning sensation when you urinate or if your urine smells bad or looks foamy, all this situation is not normal and asks for treatment. 

Symptoms of acute kidney disease:

1. If you ever notice dark urine, then you need to be careful about the situation. It is an AKD symptom. 
2. Regular or any irregular chest pain can also cause AKD. Breath shortness also adds up to the symptoms.
3. You may experience situations when there will be lower urine excretion. 
4. Having unexplained and regular swelling in your leg or feet is also an alarm to AKD. 
5. Feeling the urge to vomit, chest discomfort, pain in the upper abdomen, or back of the throat are some of the other signs of acute kidney disease. 

Apart from all the symptoms we studied here, there is a common yet not so common symptom that is ultimately related to kidney infections and acute kidney disease. No human has not experienced back pain and body pain in life. Our present-day schedule has made these pain as common as a daily activity. Sometimes, these common signs may turn major if you keep on taking it as casual and treating it with some random painkillers. Let’s discuss the condition when back pain means kidney infection. 
Back pain’s relation to a kidney infection 

Our kidneys are located in the upper abdominal area against the back muscles. Our right Kidney is a bit lower to lodge the liver’s size. When there is something wrong with our kidneys, the pain will come from the sides or mid of the upper back portion. This pain is not usual, and an infection can cause it in the urinary tract, blood clots in our kidneys, PKD, kidney infection, and bleeding in our kidneys. 
The treatment of it depends completely on the cause of the pain. Medical tests are the initial step to it. These tests will help you to know the signs of infection, and other imaging tests like CT scan or Ultrasound will tell you the causes of the pain. 
Treatment For Acute Kidney Problem

Many artificial medicines are available these days that can provide you the instant relief. To some extent, it is good, but in the process of treating one disease, it often causes two other problems. Acute kidney treatment in Ayurveda works the best. It works on the principle of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that is the mind, body, and soul. Every patient has different factors and domestic properties, and it is taken into consideration before any treatment and medicine provided to them.

Ayurveda has herbs like gokshura, Triphala, Guduchi, palaash, etc. that prevent the disease and treat it from the core. It also helps in the rejuvenation of the cells (nephrons) without any major or minor side effects. 

Our body is a gift by nature, and nature can treat it in the best possible way. Also, we should know our body through and through so that we can prevent any miss-happening to it because prevention is always better than cure. 

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