Key Trends That Will Change Ecommerce in 2019

by Judi T. Web and application developer
Key Trends That Will Change Ecommerce in 2019

In today’s digital era e-commerce has proved its importance as it offers several new benefits for the online shoppers. But this space is witnessing new trends each year which keep the developers busy thinking about and incorporating those changes in trends into their Ecommerce website development. As online shopping is becoming more and more accessible, customers are steadily becoming harder to please and they want that their rising expectations are met every time. Hence just having an online version of a physical store is not enough now as consumers don’t want to grab and go and they want their shopping experience to be highly interactive, immersive, enjoyable, time saving and money saving.

Hence it is expected that trends in e-commerce will continue to change, driven by consumer’s desires, tastes and expectations and the e-commerce companies have to Hire Ecommerce Developer who is innovative and uptodate with the latest trends. Now we will discuss about some of these key trends that will change the way e-commerce is being done in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence:
Now it is becoming more and more clearer that the future of e-commerce lies with Artificial Intelligence. AI has proved its benefits in e-commerce revolution - from personalized 3D avatars and virtual fashion advisors for increased interactivity to AI-gathered never seen before data and analytics for boosting sales of e-commerce companies.
The business decision making is becoming steadily more data-driven therefore demand for measurable metrics and analytics is becoming higher and higher.  Conversion rate, customer engagement and website traffic are already important guides for marketers in all industries but some were not realizing that they have need for previous nonexistent data which is now available with us. It looks like AI analytic tools of 2019 will be able to track how the potential customers interact with product imagery embedded into the retailers’ websites, whether 2D or 3D images and tell the most accurate metrics. These tools will also highlight what are the customers’ interest and the best place for product’s thumbnail positioning.
With the knowledge and insights gathered by AI and with the help of Ecommerce Development companies, e-commerce shopping website owners will be able to improve product visualization, choose the best color combinations, and put bestsellers at the forefront of their offerings.

Voice Search:
Voice Search is becoming more and more popular and it is now very close to becoming an SEO standard. As per Google, right now 20% of all the searches are voice-based and E-commerce websites are following the same trend. Forbes report says that today $2 billion voice-shopping market will grow to $40 billion by 2020. This massive increase and jump in the market share of voice based search will happen as the online shoppers and e-commerce companies are embracing Alexa type voice assistants for their daily shopping activities.

Augmented Reality:
As e-commerce businesses are improving their sales technique, the Augmented Reality or AR technology can help them a lot too and App Creator now have to think about adding AR technology in the apps they develop. Still so many of today’s shoppers use online stores to gather information on products but a large number of them prefer to make the final purchases in the brick-and-mortar stores only. This happens as when you buy only from an online store, you can’t really see the actual product and you can’t touch it and you have to use your imagination.
With Augmented Reality coming into action in an existing e-commerce site or through the mobile app, businesses can help their customers get a “real life” experience of the products. Large companies like IKEA and Amazon are already utilizing this technology but it is expected that this trends will become more prevalent even for small and medium size companies in 2019 and beyond.

Customer Service Chatbots:
Though these are still early days but still customer service chatbots are becoming more popular among all kinds of commercial and e-commerce websites nowadays and we can expect to see more action in this front in 2019. Actually in coming days, chatbots based on AI based automation will be the first direct experience for many consumers on these websites. Customer Service chatbots offer a human like interaction and level of service by guiding the user through a typical buying process. Although they have limitation if they face a non-typical situation but in 2019 and beyond we will see more advancement in this technology which will benefit customers and businesses a lot.

The Revival of Brick and Mortar Models:
About a decade ago when e-commerce stores became mainstream, brick and mortar stores faced downturn. But now in 2018, things are changing. Brick and mortar stores are coming back with some changes. These new retail stores provide in-person digital experiences without storing any actual inventory.
For example, take the case of the real estate industry. Assume a client enters a real estate shop and uses a virtual reality headset to see the 3D version of the house and housing society. This experience is also being implemented in the auto industry where showrooms are now using virtual versions of cars for the visitors and let them have digital experience of their auto products.

There is no doubt that e-commerce industry has seen lots of advancement in the recent past but 2019 and the coming years will bring more amazing trends which will make the shopping experience of consumers a highly remarkable, enjoyable and engaging experience. AI and machine learning will be the key to this change while voice search, chatbots, AR/VR will also be adding more value to the consumer experiences. Ultimately, e-commerce companies will see their online businesses generating even more results and revenue than ever before in 2019 and beyond. It is just a matter of time when these trends will materialize.

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