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We all have our favourite picks of actors and directors. But there’s often one facet of Cinema which goes unnoticed. During these testing times, let’s take a look at those which often go unnoticed but forms the foundation of a good movie.


What is an Audio Engineer?

An audio engineer is a trained professional who works with the mechanics of reproducing, recording and mixing sound. They are not the same as sound producers, performers or writers, as they handle the technical and the mechanical aspects of music and sound specifically and nothing else.

Audio engineers often assist musicians and producers to aid them by giving their work the sound they are hoping to achieve.

Let’s look at an example. Audio engineers will piece and weld together parts of a song, add synthetic sounds to a track, and/or use auto-tune on a recording, Audio engineers are very different from producers though. However, some audio engineers go on to become producers in the later stages of their careers as well. 

There are multiple subfields of audio engineering that one can get involved in.

Studio Engineer

Studio engineers are those who work closely with producers in a studio. Sometimes studio engineers assume the role of the producer and work independently as well.

Audio & Game Design Engineer

An Audio & game design engineer helps work with the sound engineering on video games and goes on to add the right sounds to the game.

Recording Engineer

A recording engineer has a very specific role in focusing on the aspect of recording sound.

Assistant Engineer

If you’re looking to work in a studio setting as well, then this is the one for you. They are often apprentices to studio engineers who work in or own large facilities.

Mastering Engineer

A mastering engineer smoothens the results of a mix engineer, making the final product into a complete package.

Mix Engineer

A mix engineer focuses on meshing and mixing together different tracks to create a new track.

Live Sound Engineer

A live sound engineer usually works at live events to make sure the sound is of the right value and high quality.

Monitor Engineer

The role of a monitor engineer entails working with live sound engineers to help the performers at a live event, hear themselves while performing.

Systems Engineer

Systems engineers work to set up the entire live sound system at many live events and also manage both live sound engineers and monitor engineers. At live performances, A systems engineer manages the entire experience of sound. 

Audio Post Engineer

An audio post engineer works to edit audio and mix for television and movies.

Do you think you have a great ear for music and prefer a more technical way of expressing your musical talent? A career as an audio engineer might be the right fit for you!

Difficulty: 7/10

Average salary: The average, initially, can be expected to be around 3,50,000-4,00,000 per annum in this particular role. The HR tech company called JOB VACANCY RESULT gave me a really good understanding of how these jobs work and about the roles as well.


Sometimes dubbed the cinematographer or by the abbreviation DP – A director of photography – could be potentially called the right-hand of the director, and is usually entrusted to coordinate and bring together the various departments on set (sound, talent, lighting and camera operators). The DP has a session with the key staff and acts as a consultant to them on how best to bring the screenplay to life, and he or she, in turn, will liaise with the director.

Other jobs that can be done to improve cinematography skills are becoming a 1st Assistant Camera, Gaffer, Key Grip or Camera Operator.

Film school can be a great way to develop a reel and build contacts, as well. It provides opportunities to do internship programs, which allow for real industry experience. Of course, the best education is getting one’s hands on a camera and learning from professionals.

But the best way would be to gain hands-on experience in the field through working in these job roles. Learning theoretically and experiencing it practically have a world of difference. Job Vacancy Result can help you find the right fit for your profile, as they focus on quality and not the quantity.

Difficulty: 8/10

Cinematographer Salary: The average is around 3,50,000 per year initially, although the road to becoming a professional can be a long and not entirely lucrative one.


It’s up to the editors to work through all the relevant takes and assemble them into a free-flowing narrative, once production is wrapped up. The director works closely with the editing team to establish what’s to be included in the final cut and in what way exactly. 

Again, there are a lot of ways to get to the role of a video and film editor.

What are the skills needed?

  • Technical skills: Video editors must use sophisticated editing software.

  • Communication skills: Video editors must communicate with other members of a production team, including producers and directors, to ensure that the project goes smoothly.

  • Visual skills: Video editors must clearly see and visualise what they are filming or editing in the post-production process.

  • Creative bent of mind: They should be able to imagine what the result of their filming or editing will look like to an audience.

  • Attention to detail: Editors should be able to look at every frame of the film and decide what should to keep or cut in order to maintain the best content.

Difficulty: 6/10

Movie Editor Salary: They can range anywhere from 15,000 per month to more than a lakh per month, depending on the experience and work.

There are a lot of roles like this in the film industry, checking out Job Vacancy Result is the best way for you to understand these sectors properly, so make sure you notice their work and give them the respect they deserve. Finally, like any other job role , this one requires a lot of attention and hard work to get to where you dream of being. 

Take care and stay safe guys!

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