IVF treatment in Kolkata-the treatment provides the endeavors opportunities

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IVF treatments in Kolkata at our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy is a wonderful experience of having the world class treatments to be provided at our clinic or within our clinic to be operative with high class treatments and all the necessary procurements which are needed at the time of treatments and for providing the best quality treatments in minimum cost with the expert’s treatment to be given in such a costs which is very nominal and must promote the cooperative treatments in that respective arena to be probation for all those couples who wants to be treated in this kind of treatments to be followed up and must be promoted in this command to be fulfilled with this kind of treatments to be made in better extent.

IVF treatments are mainly used in the following cases:-

  • If there should be blocked or damaged fallopian tubes found inside the female’s body.
  •  There may be a case when only one fallopian tube is open.
  • Another case is when there should be both the fallopian tubes are closed, blocked or damaged.
  • Fewer amounts of sperms counted in the male’s body.
  • Sperm is not as per the qualitative basis which must be required to make the female ready to conceive or become pregnant.
  • Unexplained infertility cases.
  • Case when the couple is facing gestational disorder whether one person from the couple or may be both are facing infertility issues with gestational disorder.
  • Couples who are facing traditional treatments issues and are as failed in the treatments like timed intercourse, follicular monitoring, IUI etc. are some of the traditional kinds of treatments in this respective case for IVF treatments followed in Kolkata.

IVF cost in Kolkata- both by self eggs and by using donor’s eggs

·         IVF cost in Kolkata both by using self eggs and donor’s eggs are differ in costing like, IVF should cost only around INR 250000 if self eggs are being used for the purpose to be fulfilled that in minimum cost gets the better results for IVF treatments in Kolkata which is very nominal in comparison to the other states of the country as the costs should be differentiated according to the locality and the other things which affects the costing that means the costing for the metropolitan city is somehow differs from the costing  of the different states of the whole country.

·         IVF cost in Kolkata for providing the world class treatment for IVF treatments in Kolkata by using the donor’s eggs is somehow aviates within INR 130000 which is the donor charges and also it must be irrespective of the costs of INR 250000. So in this case total charges for IVF treatments in Kolkata are in INR 380000.

IVF cost in Kolkata- both by own sperms and by using donor’s sperms

·         IVF cost in Kolkata by using both own sperms and donor’s sperms are differ in case of the costing as IVF treatment in Kolkata can be a treatment for the result oriented patients by our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy whose main aim is to provide a fine qualitative treatments and result oriented schemes must be provided.

·         IVF cost by using own sperms is in INR 250000 which must be different from the donor’s case and it is only the minimum amount affordable by all the couples who are facing infertility and wants better treatment for this.

·         IVF cost by using donor’s sperms is somehow differs which must include donor’s charges as well that must be in INR 33000 as donor’s charges exclusive of INR 250000 which is the cost for IVF treatments in Kolkata. So the total costing is in INR 283000 which must be affordable by the infertile couple’s gets IVF treatment in Kolkata within such a reasonable amount as compared with other states of the country.

IVF’s Success Rate in Kolkata

IVF’s Success Rate as shown by the Go IVF Surrogacy clinic is merely more than 90% by our expert’s treatment by using the latest technology and high class qualitative products and medications to be provided so as to make the clinic number 1 in worldwide ranking is the main aim of the clinic by increasing the success rate to the maximum so that to provide more fertility and remove infertility up to the maximum extent which can be made it one on the numbered ranking for the success in Kolkata for IVF treatments.

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