Is there something known as synthetic diamonds?

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Women are so mad over diamonds. Every women wish to have at least one diamond jewelry piece in her closet but most of them don’t buy it and this is because of several facts associated with it.  Diamonds are rare and extra precious gemstones which are often costly; women don’t want to waste such a huge amount buying diamond jewelry and most of the time they do not have sufficient enough to buy. The other reason is that this costly jewelry has comparatively less return value. For such women who can’t afford to buy such an expensive diamond jewelry there is an option of artificial or man made diamonds. Thankfully they are cheaper than those real diamonds and quite attractive in look. One can buy Diamond Acqua London jewellery - Blue Chalcedony anytime and there is variety of choices for artificial diamonds as well. 

Man made diamonds are better alternative for real diamonds and is now commonly used and sold. Synthetic diamonds are not real diamonds but are lab made diamonds which are equally beautiful. They are replica of natural diamond but they are cheaper and affordable. 

Features of Manmade diamonds:

Now that you know there is something known as manmade or synthetic diamonds here are few facts associated with it

  • Even though the same concept of four C’s applies for judging the value of manmade diamonds but they are comparatively different in appearance to that real diamond.

  • They are different in a manner that they are created and not natural and are a good and affordable option for females. 

  • Man made or synthetic diamonds as they are known comes in various designs which make it easy for females to choose. 

  • They are cheaper than original one and thus reduce about 20 – 40 % cost on an average. 

  • They share almost similar chemical and physical properties to that of original diamonds. 

  • They are lab made diamonds which are ethical and eco friendly.

Difference between synthetic and natural diamonds

When it is about diamonds, the first thing that comes in our mind is natural diamonds. These are precious stones that are unaltered and real in nature. They are an earth created stone which is used widely for making of jewelries. They come in variety of quality, colour and shape. They are created due to earth’s natural processes. Diamonds are rare elements and thus they are costly. 

Synthetic or man made diamonds are lab grown diamonds which has similar chemical properties as that of real diamonds but they vary in costs and this is because they are created in labs. Only an expert can differentiate between original and synthetic diamond but they are cheaper than natural ones. Synthetic diamonds comes in more color combination and more designs than that of natural diamonds. 

Why synthetic diamonds?

Even though real diamonds are precious and best thing to have, but synthetic diamonds are equally suitable and ethical option because they do not have any threat to environment. They are also commonly chosen because they are often an affordable option over those real diamonds and are mostly preferred by females. 
When it is diamond jewelries that are man made they are often combined with other precious stones like Tanzanite QuartzSemi Precious Stones. When it is man made diamonds they can be anything which is capable of attracting females with their beauty, shine and look. While you are about to buy some diamond accessories that are cheaper you must be sure that what type of diamond they actually are so that you do not end up buying some unauthenticated piece of jewelry that you are not aware of. 

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