Is laser treatment effective in treating stretch marks?

by Monika Sharma Estique Skin & Hair Clinic
Stretch marks are those groovy lines visible on our skin.   These marks are caused when a significant weight gain or loss experienced is by our body and our body can't keep up with it. The skin stretches out leaving visible marks. Stretch marks aren't harmful to our health in any way but its appearance is unpleasing. 
For most women, such marks are an unavoidable and bothersome side effect of pregnancy. During pregnancy or post-pregnancy, these marks are evident. Bodybuilders are prone to such marks and anyone who has experienced notable weight fluctuation in a short time span is disposed to it. Puberty might leave such marks on some of us. 
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Maintaining a stable weight by eating healthy and rigorous workout can certainly eliminate its occurrence but it has been reported that stretch marks are even stemmed out of genetical influence too. 
Various oils, creams, and lotions are formulated to minimize and prevent stretch marks but unfortunately, no measure has made a 100% successful rate. Medically claimed lotions and potions are show marginal results but significant improvement is nil. 
With lasers being employed in the medical industry, a ray of hope was renewed. Stretch marks can now be treated with laser light technology. 
Since stretch marks serve a permanent shift in the dermis, altering its appearance is a daunting task. Laser stimulation has shown a significant amount of improvement as lasers boost the regeneration of collagen that is responsible for the formation of newer and healthier skin cells. 
The basic science is employed in the laser skin resurfacing treatment and a once incurable condition has seen tremendous upliftment with the laser light technology.

In this procedure, infrared and visible red beams of light are passed on to the stretch marks. It results in the reduction of the apparent scarring also softening and flattening of these marks. Being a non-invasive procedure, the fear of being under the knife is eliminated. The treatment time is minimal but more than one session might be required to show significant improvements. As it doesn't require any incision, the procedure is pain-free. 

Here are some more benefits of choosing laser treatment for stretch marks-   
  • Increased production of new skin cells
  • Improved immune response
  • Improved healing process
  • A boost in collagen production 
  • Better lymphatic drainage
  • Improved blood circulation 
Stretch Marks Treatment in Gurgaon
Laser treatment has found to produce impressive results on immature stretch marks as compared to matured stretch marks.  While the condition of stretch marks can't be erased completely, laser light procedure helps in soothing out striae thereby diminishing their appearance.  We at Estique Clinic offers the best stretch marks treatment in Gurgaon
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