Is Hypnosis enough for Weight Loss? No, Your Mind should be Prepared Too

by Mani Tyagi Mani

It’s good to choose hypnosis for weight loss, but only when you and your mind are prepared. A hypnotist will do his chores and take you to the right path to achieve weight loss goals but the results will not be as expected because things are not under your control. It’s because your mind is not ready to accept the healthy changes in you.


If the mind is not prepared, the changes will not last for the long-term. After a few hypnosis sessions, you will be back to normal with weight gain. So, you should prepare your mind before heading to a hypnotist for weight loss sessions.


Firstly, you should make a choice 

A human mind never does things randomly. It chooses the best from the available options and works on the same. It compels the body to act accordingly to reach the desired goal.


Similarly, you should make a choice for your body. You should decide if you wish to lose weight or it’s just a random decision due to different factors in the current state. Your decision should be firm so that you can stay on track forever.


For this, you should close your eyes and calm your mind by breathing calmly. Once you attain this relaxed state, you should promise yourself to lose weight and take care of your health for the rest of your life. You should set a mantra for yourself.


Once the choice is made, your mind is prepared more than half. It’s because you get the path to move and act on your goal.


Other things that you should consider are:


Your weight loss goal should be for the right reason 

Things are good when done for others but they are better and best when done for you. Similarly, the reason for weight loss shouldn’t be to impress others. It should be to improve yourself, get into shape, and stay happy and healthy forever.


Your weight loss journey should be solo

Why is it necessary to inform others? Why should you announce your weight loss journey? It’s good to move alone until you reach a certain level. It’s because there might be people who would not love positive changes in you. They might try to discourage you due to their insecurities. So you should start and end your journey as a solo passenger.


You should remove the term diet from your dictionary

A common phrase said by people is “You should be on diet to lose weight”. If you stop eating or eat less, you will lose weight faster than before. But it isn’t true. Diet is a negative term and a temporary solution. You will immediately gain weight once the diet is not followed properly. Instead of being on diet, you should prepare your mind to eat healthily. You should banish negative terms like diet from your vocabulary and replace them with encouraging phrases.


You should learn to forgive yourself 

You are not a perfectionist, so you should be prepared for mistakes in your weight loss journey. Someday, you will be attracted to unhealthy food and compelled to ditch your schedule, so you should make up for this mistake. You shouldn’t let this mistake affect your progress and try to get back on track soon. You should train harder than yesterday.


You should rest as much as possible 

“No pain, no gain”. This shouldn’t come to your mind ever. Giving pain to your body will never yield good results; instead, you will opt out of the weight loss program. So along with some pain, you should let your body rest. You should sleep well, meditate and do yoga. This will control your energy level and help in hypnosis for weight loss.


Your mind is the controller in your weight loss journey. You will work as per your hypnotist’s suggestions only if your mind will allow. So you should prepare it and enjoy the result of hypnosis for weight loss for the long-term.

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